Lake Zurich Based, Aloha Construction Earns BBB Torch Award for Ethical Business Practices and Helps Its Community

Each year, the Better Business Bureau awards its prestigious Torch Award to select companies who demonstrate exceptional ethical practices in their business throughout the year. It is rewarded to several businesses each year that display exemplary ethical practices. The companies who are nominated go through a meticulous screening prAloha Construction Torch Award 2017 ocess and are ultimately selected by an independent panel of judges. After continual review, Aloha Construction, a family owned and operated general contractor and construction company out of Illinois, was a proud recipient of the 2017 Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics. According to the panel of judges, Aloha Construction was selected as one of the recipients for several reasons including its regular contributions to the local community. It’s dedication, drive, and love for the community is part of what separates Aloha Construction from other local companies.


What is the Torch Award?

Aloha Construction Team Ethical
Aloha Construction team discusses practices

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) started its Torch Award Program in 1996  to recognize companies that demonstrate superb leadership and business practices and social responsibility. Due to the BBB’s high standards with excellence, receiving it is an honor for any business.  Nominees must also have high standards when it comes to their organizational ethics benefitting customers, employees and their communities. It is a prestigious award that honors hard-working local businesses. There is a high amount of respect that correlates to the hard work that goes behind earning the Torch award due to its vast qualifications. So, it is a real honor for any company which receives it.

To even qualify for the award, there are six specific criteria that a company must meet. They are:


  1. Leaders are committed to ethical practices.

Company leaders must demonstrate ethical practices in their life and work and lead their team of employees accordingly. They seek out feedback intentionally and make personal improvements when needed.

The BBB’s website reads, “Nominees must lead their team members and must inspire them to be ethical, and they must look for feedback to make personal improvements.”

  1. Communication of ethical practice.

Leaders enforce and build a work culture that adheres to high character ethics and practices. They also behave and communicate with each other, employees, and stakeholders in ways that are consistent with their beliefs.

Specifically, “Nominees must build and perpetuate a company culture that fosters character ethics, and leaders must encourage strong communication of values between employees, clients, and stakeholders.

  1. Leadership practices must unify their organization.

Leaders have strong convictions and unify their organization around these convictions and they work consistently to ensure the clarity of their purpose. “Nominees must have unifying leadership practices that reflect strong convictions and a strong commitment to perpetuating them.”

  1. An organizational commitment to performance management practices.

They implement high-competency management practices as well and demonstrate high character. as they establish practices that represent their commitment to the future. “Nominees must show a commitment to performance management practices by implementing powerful strategies and making ways to maintain that commitment in the future.”

  1. An organization committed to ethical human resource practices.

The company leadership values its team of employees. It adopts and prepares human resource practices to support its staff members and provide opportunities for employee growth and development. The BBB elaborates, “Nominees must demonstrate a strong commitment to ethical human resources practices by valuing team members, implementing supportive strategies and providing employees with opportunities for growth or advancement.”

  1. Organizational commitment to the community and support other businesses

The leaderships ethical commitment transfers to the community. They actively engage with other organizations in their industry, and also in their community. “Nominees must show ethical leadership practices in their communities by engaging with other organizations and businesses.”


In addition to their leadership standards, there a few additional rules businesses interested in applying must meet, any for-profit business that operates in North America and offers goods or services may qualify for a nomination. Non-profit organizations are not eligible for this award. To be considered for the Torch Award, a business must first win its local Better Business Bureau’s award. There are local competitions in North American communities, and winners are forwarded for consideration for an International Torch Award. Businesses that are in areas without local award programs cannot qualify for a Torch Award. Also, businesses must be in operation for a minimum of three years to qualify. They must have at least a B rating from the BBB and must meet their own financial obligations. Additionally, they cannot win another Torch Award if they have won one within the past three years.

Aloha Construction was honored to qualify for and ultimately win this prestigious award. Although the company prides itself on its excellent service as roofers and siding contractors, it also values opportunities to help and serve the community.


About Aloha Construction

Aloha construction BBB award Aoha Construction, Inc. is a family-owned and operated company that is insured and bonded as a general contractor and construction company.  Aloha Construction, Inc. was founded by David Farbaky in 2008. For a decade, the company has been providing general contracting services including roofing, siding replacement, and gutters to residents of Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. It has transformed over the years into its friendly team and excellent customer service. With now over 18,000 projects finished, the company also cares about its community and it cares deeply about the customers it serves and the employees who work alongside it.  With two locations in Bloomington and Lake Zurich, the company’s thousands of projects have totaled to 7.1 million square feet of Vinyl siding and 15 million square feet of shingles, and a million linear feet of gutters installed. In addition to providing standard roofing and replacement services, the company can provide remodeling services and a free property inspection on the spot. 



For roofing projects, the company uses a nine-step vital inspection process to thoroughly investigate and identify potential issues with your home’s roof.  Aloha also provides a 10-year craftsmanship warranty on all of its roofing jobs. This process helps to ensure that all current and potential issues are addressed.

This nine-step process includes:

Identify problems and opportunities

• Determine objectives

• Inventory resources

• Analyze resource data

• Formulate Alternatives

• Making decisions

• Implement the plan

• Evaluate the plan

Whether the roofing is made of asphalt, cedar shake, metal or clay, Aloha claims it can handle any type of roofing on any type of slope just in time for the storm season. Roofing maintenance is crucial when a home is aging and coping with the speed and friction of the ever-changing Midwest weather.



Along with roofing, it prides itself on its ability to provide expert assistance in siding for anything vinyl, aluminum, Hardee board, face brick, wood, or fiber cement for repair or replacement.

Additionally, all of its siding contractors are fully licensed and insured. They go through a rigorous home improvement training through the Vinyl Siding Institute. to become certified in this area. This institution is known as one of the top training locations for quality sliding work. In addition, their sliding contractors must exceed excellent expectations to prepare for any potential situations that could come up.

Siding maintenance and repair is crucial to increase a home’s value, improving its appearance, and protecting it from any potential bad weather. It can even assist with lowering heating and cooling bills.



Similarly, with gutter repair, Aloha Construction can take on K-style, Omni-Style, seamless aluminum, and any size gutter guards. Aloha wants to ensure water gets channeled around and away from the homes and businesses they serve. Gutter care is crucial in preventing base damage, ground erosion, and mildew issues. In addition to any specific weather damages, Aloha can assist in windows and screen replacements too. Anything from wood, vinyl, Kolbe, Marvin, Anderson, Lowein this company can take on. Along with Fascia, and Soffit screens that may start to pull back or hang.


Interior Remodel and Restoration 

Aloha has also recently launched a restoration and interior remodeling division for the company. This branch will offer services such as mold and mildew removal, water damage restoration, fire damage restoration, carpet cleaning, and interior remodeling services. Not only will the company provide excellent damage and restoration services to its customers, it is focused on its team becoming certified and licensed in disaster recovery and professional remodeling.

Since the Midwest region is humid and has considerable rainfall each year, mold and mildew are concerns for all homes and businesses. When flooding happens because of burst pipes or rain, the professionals at Aloha will be able to fix any damages and mitigate mold issues. They can help prevent costly mold problems down the road when people call for prompt help. From interior remodeling to carpet cleaning and removal, the company provides a wide array of interior restoration services.   When Aloha reaches its restoration goals, the remodeling and restoration sect will be based out of its Lake Zurich location. Farbaky welcomes anyone who is interested in working with Aloha, “Opening this new division, we put an emphasis on training. Becoming more certified and licensed in disaster recovery & professional remodeling than our local counterparts; we’ll get you restored in no time!” Many of these services will simply add the company’s current fields of expertise, as many fire, water, and smoke restorations will involve siding and roof repair.

The Company ensures that its employees are highly trained in their jobs and that its customers receive excellent service and support after the job is done. With these high ethical practices plus Aloha Construction’s ongoing commitment to community service, it is not surprising that they received the prestigious Torch Award from the Better Business Bureau.

Aloha Construction is headquartered in Lake Zurich, IL  serving large parts of the Illinois and Southern Wisconsin area. It has an additional office in Bloomington. The company has completed over 18,000 projects in cities including, cities such as Round Lake, Lindenhurst, Vernon Hills, Wauconda, Peoria, Mahomet, etc.  Specifically in Aloha serves Champaign, Cook, Lake, Peoria, Washington and several other counties.


Qualified Professionals 

Aloha is fully licensed, insured and bonded, offering a warranty of at least ten years to all its customers. It is a member of several reputable organizations including, the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA), Chicago Roofing Contractors Association (CRCA), and the Building Trades Association (BTA). Aloha has also earned an industrial certification with an A rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

After ten years of premium quality service to its customers, Aloha Construction recently started offering financing options with Synchrony Financial. This financing option is an excellent way for homeowners who are not fully covered by insurance to get their work covered. If the extent of the damage is there, but the insurance company will not help, there are now options available.

Its president, Dave Farbaky is the CEO and is proud to manage such a reputable business. He has worked tirelessly to help Aloha transform into the successful company it is today. Alongside of his dedication to his job, Farbaky is a dedicated father and husband to his family who loves sports and helping his local community. He serves as a role model in his industry as someone who hopes to help upcoming entrepreneurs with their goals. Working closely with his foundation, the Dave Farbaky Foundation, he hopes to reach out, help others, and give the community that has served him and his company for so long.

Customers can agree, Aloha Construction is a reputable and trustworthy organization that focuses on providing the best experience possible to ensure the highest rates of satisfaction. The Torch Award was well earned, as the team members of Aloha has dedicated thousands and hours of time to its local community.


Aloha Construction’s Community Service

Aloha Construction is pleased to help with community efforts. The company culture embodies social responsibility, and its leadership team is always looking for ways to give back to community members. To help promote its charity efforts and give back on behalf of its founder, the company started the David Farbaky

community service Aloha Construction Foundation. Out of his love for helping the Lake Zurich community, and his passion for his company, the Dave Farbaky Foundation exists to spread the spirit of random acts of kindness for Lake Zurich families. One of the many ways that Aloha has had an impact on the community was by partnering with Learning Express to launch a toy shopping spree event for a local family in need. Aloha contacted

Omi Youth Services to get the name of a family in need of extra funds from its charitable branch. The David Farbaky Foundation and Aloha’s team members were eager to give back. A single mother and her four girls were selected for the event. The girls had the opportunity to grab as many toys as they could within 60 seconds. On August 14th, 2017 at 3PM, this sweet and deserving family cheerfully collected $7,000 worth of toys to take home.

Aloha Construction community In another example of the company’s generosity, Aloha sent a 12-year old boy who struggled with heart failure, and 11 of his closest friends to live their dream of attending a Chicago Bulls game.  Since birth, the young boy they selected had dealt with congenital heart failure and had already undergone five open heart surgeries. The group of kids had the opportunity to use Aloha’s box suite at the United Center for the game, which will be an experience that none of them will probably ever forget (even if the Bulls did end up losing the game). Aloha takes pride in helping young struggling children achieve their dreams.

In February 2018, Aloha gave nearly $2,000 to Camp One Step to benefit children with cancer. Aloha hopes to donate more to this charity in the future since its goal is to help children who are battling cancer embrace more opportunities during their lives. At the beginning of the year, Aloha donated an additional $2,500 to the organization. Camp One Step has been in exAloha Construction Inc’s donates $1965 to Camp One Step by Children’s Oncology Services via Illinois State University Athletics!istence for nearly 50 years and has helped more than 14,000 children enjoy camping excursions and carefree outdoor adventures. This was made possible through Farbasky’s “Building Better Communities” campaign.

In addition to these awesome community service efforts, Dave Farbasky wanted to find a way to combine his passions for helping children in need and sports. He decided to provide sponsorships for young athletes. The foundation and company have since provided sponsorships for athletes of the Lake Zurich High School football team, The Kane County Cougars Baseball team, and the Illinois Flying Aces Hockey team.

These are just a few the many examples of Aloha Construction’s generosity and love for its community. The company is also actively involved in many other charitable activities such as:

  • Donating $5 for each assist during Illinois State University games to help children with cancer through Camp One Step by Children’s Oncology Services, Inc.
  • Sponsoring the Central Illinois Flying Aces Hockey team which includes youth jersey giveaways, and awarding an outstanding player each week at the game.
  • Partnering with the Boys and Girls Clubs of Bloomington.
  • Sponsoring the Roselle Medinah’s baseball and softball organizations.

The Better Business Bureau took into consideration Aloha Construction’s extensive amount of community service as part of its decision to award the company with the Torch Award for 2017.


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  1. It looks like the Aloha Construction is really a great quality contractor that offers some of the best home renovation service.Maybe that is also why The Better Business Bureau has given them an A rating.

  2. Companies who not just exist to do business, but also to reach out to those in need, are what we need more in this modern age. Some modern companies these days have a bad rap, but when you see headlines and charity works from the likes of Aloha Construction, it gives you hope about humanity.

  3. Leading your team members and inspiring them to be ethical works very well for me and some persons I know in their business. But that doesn’t really end there because you need to hear the feedback and make personal improvements.

  4. Wow! Didn’t really know Aloha Construction was selected as the recipient for the Torch award. The several reasons they got that is really their signature. They make regular contributions to the local community, their dedication, drive, and love for the community is part of what separates them from other local companies and I totally give them that.

  5. Yeah. I give that to the Aloha company, the business definitely gets involved with other businesses and organizations. This actually helps businesses to grow because there’s always room to see what might work for the other which can also be tried.

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