A Company Is Reducing Fraud in Mobile Ads

One of the biggest problems currently in the mobile advertising industry is fraud. In fact, there are experts who believe that the fraud in the mobile advertising industry could climb to as high as $50 billion over the next six years. This is definitely cause for concern. One of the companies that is taking a proactive approach to combating mobile ad fraud is Adjust. This is a company that is headquartered in Berlin, Germany. They have created a tool that is called Click Validation Through Proof of Impression. They are hoping that this tool will be used around the world by mobile advertisers in an effort to reduce fraud.

Many of the biggest mobile advertising networks in the world have already started to implement the new tool. It works by encouraging the mobile advertising networks to send their impression data and include an identifier that matches with clicks that are made by users. In 2019, this tool will become mandatory for Coalition Against Ad Fraud members to use it. It will now be possible to find out if an identical engagement was created by that particular smartphone by making a request for an impression prior to a click. The new tool will be tested by companies that are currently utilizing the fraud prevention suite that is designed by Adjust.

Adjust will make ad fraud less profitable than it was before with the introduction of their new tool. It will become the new standard in the click validation industry. Adjust is trying to convince every mobile advertising network to begin using their tool as quickly as possible. The more networks that begin using the tool, the less common that mobile ad fraud will be in the future. This is because criminals will need to work much harder to steal mobile ad revenue by click spamming or click injection. These are the two most common ways that criminals commit mobile ad fraud.

There is no question that criminals will keep trying to find new and inventive ways to make money. However, companies like Adjust are dedicated to slowing these fraudsters down. It is just a matter of staying one step ahead of them. For the past several years, the technology to defend against mobile ad fraud has been sorely lacking. However, things have changed recently for the better. The tool developed by Adjust is a game changer that is sure to be a nightmare for fraudsters.

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