Money Making Schemes

These sites are quite fun to start with. Nothing serious but easy to start with and can earn good money if you approach it right…

Money Making Schemes we suggest you give a try;

Instant Payday Network

This is a fun one to get your feet wet with. There are mixed reviews about it but we tried it and thought it was great.

Simple. Completely free. Safe.

This is basically a referral system where you get other people to sign up to trial offers, such as GoDaddy or Credit Check for example. The person who signs up loses no money because it is simply a trial offer and you get paid over $55 dollars per referral!


DO NOT complete Step 4. This is a very expensive program. You can use Payday Network without Step 4

Check out the full review. This one is worth trying for beginners.

Neobux – Paid To Click

Neobux is the source of a MAJOR debate on forums. Some say it is a rip off and illegal, others swear by it and say they make good money. We tested it (still using it till today) and it does work.

However. A BIG however! You have to be careful. The line between success and failure it seems is very hard to spot. The key to success with Neobux are the referrals you rent but most importantly the direct referrals. You have to balance them just right which takes a lot of work but the payout can be BIG.

We recommend trying Neobux so you can get your head around the PTC (paid-to-click) world. But do NOT buy anything or get a membership unless you are confident you know what you are doing.

Read the full review here.

Auto Affiliate Program

This program is essentially a turnkey marketing system where you give away free eBooks to as many people as you can and inside are your affiliate links. People read them and click on links inside and then you get commissions if people purchase anything.

No website is needed, nor experience.

This one is a good one for complete newbies or experienced bloggers as it offers a fantastic autopilot passive income. Requires almost NO work at all!

Read More About It Here

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