Elizabeth Warren’s Campaign Ads Deleted by Facebook

National headlines were made recently when Senator Elizabeth Warren said that she would be in favor of breaking up the large tech companies like Apple and Facebook. She made these remarks during a rally for her presidential campaign. Needless to say, Silicon Valley was not pleased about what she had to say. Senator Warren is in the news once again and it seems that her claims that the big tech companies have too much power have a lot of merit to them. She placed some campaign ads on Facebook which talked about her agenda of breaking up large tech companies. These ads were removed from Facebook. However, they have since been completely restored by the social media giant.

A spokesperson for Facebook claimed that the ads were removed because they were in direct violation of Facebook’s rules. They will not allow ads to feature the Facebook logo. This was a flimsy excuse because it seems that none of the ads that were removed featured the Facebook logo in any way. It is reasonable to assume that Facebook took down the ads because they were critical of big tech companies. However, they decided to put them back up once the media found out about what they had done.

According to CNBC, the incident gave Senator Warren’s presidential campaign a lot of free publicity. She sent out a message on Twitter thanking Facebook for putting her ads back up. However, she said that the incident only proves that the big tech companies can shut down an entire debate on a whim. She also said that she wants there to be more than one censor in the social media marketplace. Facebook had no choice but to restore the ads. They would have had a public relations nightmare on their hands if they had refused to put her campaign ads back up again.

The incident will only serve to increase the debate about whether or not the largest tech companies should be broken up to create a balance of power. There are many people on the side of the big tech companies in this debate. These people argue that the enormous size of these companies allows them to provide valuable services to the general public for free. These are services that the public would be forced to pay for if the large tech companies did not have such vast financial resources. Other politicians besides Senator Warren have voiced similar views on this issue.

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