How Gen Z is Changing Digital Marketing

For a long time, marketers worried about reaching millennials. They had unique characteristics that challenged traditional business strategies. Forbes reveal a new breed of consumer is flexing its influence and spending power, presenting a new set of marketing challenges.

Generation Z, the cohort that follows the Millennial Generation, is coming of age. According to some estimates, the size of this growing group will surpass millennials during 2019.

Therefore, businesses that want to stay relevant need to understand how Gen Z is changing digital marketing.

Simplify Engagement

Right now, estimates suggest that Generation Z accounts for nearly one-third of the population. Born in this millennium, these people have had access to technology throughout their lifetime.

As a result, members of Gen Z are tech savvy. They instinctively depend on the simultaneous use of multiple devices to communicate, work, and play. However, many of them have a short attention span.

If interacting with a brand requires too many steps, Gen Zers may simply move on to something else. So, companies must constantly simplify processes such as opting in and checking out.

Leverage Alternate Social

Digital marketers need to realize that Gen Zers typically avoid traditional social networks. For example, only about one-tenth of Facebook’s users are younger than 24 years old.

Even relatively “new” social media sites such as Pinterest attract only a sliver of the Gen Z population.

Companies that want to maximize their reach will need to find out what social sites their young prospects prefer. Also, businesses should consider posting content on “question” sites that give Gen Z users fast and simple answers.

Optimize Content

High-quality content means nothing if nobody ever sees it. The proliferation of online content has made optimization more important than ever before.

Gen Zers use Google, so SEO and SEM can still deliver results to brands that want to connect. However, the search terms and phrases used by this younger generation may vary considerably.

For this reason, digital marketers must aggressively research and analyze their target market. Consequently, they can find ways the right keywords and long tail phrases to optimize their content for Generation Z.

Generation Z is changing digital marketing as companies scramble to find ways to attract the attention and loyalty of young consumers. Fortunately, by preparing for upcoming trends, businesses and their brands can enjoy uninterrupted success.

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