How To Create Better Facebook Videos

More people are using Facebook to market. Videos are one of the main ways that people market on Facebook. In fact, Facebook videos total eight billion views every day. However, there is a plan that you will have to use in order to get the most out of video marketing.

The way that you want to be perceived will determine the type of video that you should make. You may not need to use expensive lighting. However, you may have to invest more money in your video if you want to monetize it.

The purpose of making a video is to convey a message that will capture the viewer’s attention. Regardless of the type of video that you are making, you have to capture the viewer’s attention right away. One way that you can catch a viewer’s attention is to ask a viewer a question.

You will also need to keep the video intro short. Most people’s attention span is only eight seconds. That is why if the intro does not capture the person’s attention, then they will likely not watch the entire video.

If you want to monetize the video, then it should be at least three minutes long. You should put the ad in at the one or two minute mark of the video. You may have trouble determining the appropriate length for the videos. You can make videos that are different lengths and see what type of response you get from the audience.

Furthermore, you have to let your audience know about when you will be posting your next video. You can promote this on your website, Facebook page or newsletter. You should also remind viewers to watch your next video during your current one. Try to respond to the comments that people make on your videos.


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