How To Engage Visitors Like An Influencer

In content marketing, getting people to read your content isn’t enough to make them convert. Bloggers who are influencers know this, which is why they work at engaging their readers.

Encourage Comments

If you don’t encourage interaction on your blog, people won’t interact with your posts. Ask your readers open-ended questions and encourage comments. You’ll get spam comments and have to weed them out, but the extra work is worth it. If you have a WordPress blog, there are plugins that can filter spam comments for you. Captcha verification will help prevent spam bots as well.

Post Frequently

People will bookmark your blog or subscribe if you stick to a schedule. Don’t post irrelevant or poorly written posts just to make your weekly quota. Two well-written posts about a trending topic are better than five posts that rehash content that is already all over the Internet.

Encourage Guest Posts

Your readers will appreciate a few guest posts once in a while, just to have a different viewpoint on a topic. Only accept the highest quality guest posts; don’t use guest posting to flesh out thin content. Allow the guest post author to add one contextual link back to his or her website, but check the website out first to make sure it is a relevant website with quality content. The guest post author will link to his or her post, giving you a quality backlink. Interact with people who leave comments on your guest posts as well.

Stick to Your Niche

If you want to attract a certain type of visitor, stick to your niche topic. This will make replying to comments easier as you should only get comments from your desired audience.


Give your readers a free e-book, graphics, templates or coupon codes for subscribing to your newsletter. You can tailor the giveaway to whatever is relevant in your niche. If you sell t-shirts, you could giveaway coupons or free t-shirts to the readers who submit the best new ideas for t-shirts.

Engaging visitors take effort, however, you gain so many benefits, including more subscribers, an SEO boost and backlinks.


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