How To Find Out Why Your Social Media Leads Are Leaving

It is great to receive a lot of traffic to your website. However, this traffic does not mean much if it does not lead to conversions. There are many steps that you can take if your social media leads are leaving.

Find out Where You are Getting Your Leads

Many companies do not know where their leads are coming from. They also see their lead numbers increase and then increase, but they do not know why. That is why it is important for you to find out where your leads are coming from.

You can find out where you are getting your leads by assigning codes to certain pages. The codes will allow you to keep track of your leads. If you know where the leads are coming from, then you will have an easier time optimizing your social media campaign to fit their needs.

Evaluate the Keyword Strategy

Patrick O’Hara is a car accident attorney who practices in Texas. He stated that if your leads are leaving, then you will need to take a look at your keyword strategy. Your keywords may not match your social media postings. You may also be using keywords that do not match your service or audience.

Patrick recommends that you post content that is rich and interesting. He also stated that you should use keywords on your social media posts. Additionally, you should choose keywords that will drive conversions.

Look at Your Conversion Funnel

Tiziano Motti is an Italian entrepreneur. He stated that no social media campaign is complete without a conversion funnel. He also stated that if you have a keyword strategy that matches your target audience and you still are not getting results, then you should look at your conversion funnel. You have to make sure that the conversion funnel is right for your campaign.

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