$245 Billion Will Be Spent on Mobile Advertising in 5 Years

The amount of smartphones is always increasing. This is true even in countries that are not developed. Therefore, advertisers are understandably trying to figure out ways to reach the billions of smartphone users around the world. The amount of money that these companies are willing to spend to accomplish this will increase to $245 billion by 2022. This should not be a surprise to anyone who has followed the mobile device advertising industry for any length of time. Advertisers are making a big effort to target young people under the age of 25. This is a very lucrative demographic. Young people tend to use their mobile phones more often than older people. Therefore, they are more likely to be exposed to mobile ads.

Mobile advertising market analysts seem to agree that the industry will experience substantial growth in many different global regions. Asia will see a particularly large spike in the money being spent on mobile advertising specifically designed to target the youth demographic. China has the world’s largest population. Therefore, they have more mobile device users than any other country. It makes perfect sense that companies specializing in mobile advertising would make China one of their primary targets.

India will also see a large increase in mobile advertising in the coming years. Once again, it has everything to do with population and the number of people who will have access to mobile devices. India has over one billion people. Only China has a larger population. Many more people have mobile devices in India than five years ago. This is because smartphones have dropped in price, networks have become faster and data plans are now more affordable in India than ever before. This translates into millions more people who mobile advertising companies will be able to target in the coming years.

Various European countries are also expected to increase dramatically in terms of the money that companies will spend on mobile advertising in those regions. However, the advertising will be much different than the frequent popup ads that are used on desktop computers. Those have proven to be not very effective on mobile devices. Therefore, mobile advertising companies have needed to go in a different direction. They will be focusing on branded content. These are ads that are disguised as articles or blog entries. They draw in the mobile user because they do not look like traditional ads. This is the future of mobile advertising.

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