3 Content Marketing Strategies To Focus On In 2018

Companies that are investing in content marketing are reporting that it has been money well spent. In fact, content marketing is doing so well that 75% of companies are increasing the amount of money they spend on the ever popular rising strategy.

While this is true, many companies and individuals really don’t know what strategies they should be focusing on in their content marketing campaigns. To help out, this article will be covering three of the best content marketing strategies your business should be focusing on in 2018.

Original Content Is More Valuable Than Ever

When reading about content marketing, you’ll hear plenty about creating valuable, quality content. The truth is, this is just expected now days, and you will need to go a step further than this to really outshine your competition in 2018.

No one wants to read re-hashed versions of old news or the same top ten list that’s already been re-written one hundred times to sound different. While you may not always be able to be the first to cover a story, you can offer a different perspective or opinion on it. Google and other search engines love fresh takes or fresh stories, so be sure that your content doesn’t sound like a drab version of everything else that’s already out there.

Transparency Is A Must

Gone are the days when companies can get away with sneaky tactics and relying mainly on paid advertising to build trust with their customers. People in today’s world are burned out on spammy tactics and companies who aren’t shooting straight with them. What customers desire most is a company that has no hidden agendas and whose motive is clear.

One of the best content marketing practices any company can have in 2018 is to sow transparency into content wherever possible. This doesn’t mean you need to unveil every mistake or negative about your products or services, but it does mean you will want to be honest about the pros and cons of what you have to offer.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality content marketing is a growing trend that digital marketers would be keen to jump on. Consumers view companies who use virtual reality as forward-thinking, and they feel more engaged by those companies.

If you’re going to delve into the virtual reality world of content marketing, just be sure to hire a professional, because there are issues, such as, people getting nauseous during VR experiences where the camera moves in an odd way, people feeling disconnected from the experience because the content isn’t immersive enough, and not enough people being able to view the content because it isn’t paired up with YouTube 360, Facebook 360, or Littlstar. These platforms offer a web version that will allow users that don’t have VR goggles to control the experience through a mouse.


There is a whole lot of noise out there about what kind of content marketing will work in 2018 and beyond. While there are many different strategies that a company could focus on, it’s usually best to pick a few out and master them before becoming overwhelmed. This has always been one of the best practices for growing any business through content marketing.

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