3 Keys to Content Marketing

In the era of modern marketing, content is king. Because people have such a learned aversion to anything that has the stench of overt advertisement, being able to produce valuable, relevant content is just about the only way to make an impression that isn’t negatively interpreted. Though the marketing methods of old aren’t yet completely obsolete, those who understand the fine science of content marketing will always be able to succeed more consistently than those who don’t. If you want to know how to actually produce content the right way, then you’re going to want to keep a couple of things in mind at all times. The following are all some the most important keys to conquering content marketing, no matter what industry it is that you occupy.

Lock Down the Target Persona

Before content must come the persona. You will not be able to produce high-quality content unless you know exactly who it is that you were creating at for in the very first place. What are the unique proclivities, tastes, buying habits and generational references that your target persona will resonate with the most? Though it may not be immediate, the more time that you invest into building up a concrete buyer persona, the more effectively you will be able to create content that has the absolute best chance of being engaged in shared with others who fall within the persona specifications.

Prioritize Actionable Value

There are many different ways to provide value to the reader, but when comes the content marketing, got to make sure that the value you provide is actionable. Make sure that whatever value you provide to the reader is something that they can use to better themselves or further their ambitions. Think of the main problems that your target persona has and share the ways that they can take steps to soothing their pain points resolve.

Optimize Video Content

Of all the different forms of media that there are to provide value through, it is unquestionable that video content is number one today. While blog posts can certainly drive engagement in their own right, video content is consistently the most engaged with form of media that there is. Make sure that your video content is optimized for mobile displays and you will have the highest potential for traffic.


Know your reader persona, capitalizing providing actionable value, and optimize your video content. There are many different directions that you can take content marketing in, but with the above tips, you will always have the high ground.

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