3 Powerful Ways to Build Your Email List

In digital marketing, the money is in the list, so it’s crucial that you have one. And if you’re looking to grow your email list, it can be difficult at first. If you don’t use the right techniques and strategies, you could miss out on big opportunities to grow your brand online. So use the following powerful ways to grow your list and have a lot of success in your business:


When people think of webinars, they might get confused. They overcomplicate what it actually is. A webinar is simply a presentation done on the web, hence the name. The same tactics and frameworks you would use in a live sales presentation, you can use in a webinar as well. You can customize images, videos, and text to appear when and how you want to emphasize key points. Use calls of action to allow viewers of the webinar to enter in their email addresses in the comments, which most webinar software allows. That way, you’ll be using this powerful to the fullest effect in your arsenal.

Pop Up

One great way to get attention and offer your email newsletter or other freebie to people on your blog is to use a pop up. Sometimes, if the email optin is hidden out of sight somewhere, people don’t take the extra effort to sign up. By using a pop up, you might annoy people for a split second, but those who are interested in signing up will go for it: and those are the people you want to please in the first place.


Another great way to grow your email list is using Facebook LiveFacebook Live. The world is moving to video. This is especially the case for live video, which is the closest thing to someone being there in person to talk with you about your product and service. With Facebook Live, you can get people to post in their email or direct them to another site to sign up right away for it.

When it comes to today’s digital age, it can be difficult to build an email list. Long gone are the days where you could build a list simply by inbound marketing. However, if you use the right tools, techniques, and platforms, anything is possible. Use the advice above to get more readers, customers, and revenue to help your bottom line.

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