3 Reasons Small Businesses Should Be Using Digital Marketing

At one point in time, there were only three modes of advertising: radio, television and print. In fact, many of today’s small business owners grew up being reached by these three outlets, which is why they believe in their power. Conversely, however, radio, tv and print ads are the most expensive because they have the longest and most proven track record – but only because they have been around the longest. Already in the earliest years of the 21st century, the marketing landscape is changing and advertising is changing right along with it. The irony is that while this is the best news for small businesses and the new class of “solopreneurs”, they are also the least likely to utilize the enormous untapped power found in digital marketing. Here are 3 reasons why you need to be using digital marketing if you own a small business.

1. Provides the best feedback

Radio, television and print marketing may be able to tell you who your advertising is reaching, but they can’t tell you who is responding. Digital marketing offers built in feedback thanks to links that users click on. While it may still not tell you how many people are actually buying your product or service, digital marketing can tell you how many people are responding to your advertising by how many times your link is clicked.

2. Most targeted

While you can spend thousands (or hundreds of thousands or even millions) of dollars on advertising during certain prime time slots or global events like the World Cup or Super Bowl, the most targeted demographics are also the most expensive. On the other hand, digital marketing is capable of targeting a very narrow and specific demographic so you can be sure that the right people (the people already most inclined to buy your product or service) are seeing your advertising.

3. Least expensive

Not only are digital marketing campaigns cheaper to produce, they are cheaper to distribute. Even video is cheaper to produce for internet distribution than for broadcast television. Where airing a single television ad may run you a few thousand dollars and only reach 10,000 subscribers, a social media ad can reach 10,000 subscribers for $100 or less. Of course you want to offer high quality content, but digital content is almost always the cheapest to produce, which means you can get better content for less money.

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