3 Tips for Creating High Quality Content

Creating high quality content for your website is imperative if you want to rank well for your keywords. That’s easy enough said, but what makes up the kind of content that is valuable for your customers and ensures that your hard work is correctly indexed by Google? These 3 tips should help you with your search engine optimization and content strategy.

Creating Your Strategy for High Quality Content

Begin by researching keywords and the intent of your users. You should understand the type of content that your audience is searching for and the queries that they use. With this in hand, you can create a content strategy that answers their problems.

Use the actual language that your audience uses by researching keywords. Make a list of relevant topics that coincide with your business and pick out single keywords and longtail phrases that are associated with each topic.

You should try to create at least 500 words on a single topic and give your readers a solution. In a natural way, add in the keywords and phrases that you found so that Google understands what your content is related to.

It’s good practice to include a call to action or next step near the end of your content to help your reader find your product, service or other information. These steps can be summarized by the following:

– Understand Your Audience
– Create A Solution
– Include A Call To Action

Designing Good Content

Keeping your readers engaged is a top priority after they click on your website. You can keep them reading by using different styles of content that provoke different reactions. Here are a few:

– Entertaining
– Educational
– Practical
– Unexpected
– Simple and Coherent
– Deep and Thoughtful
– Unique

Create content so that is simple to read and not full of too much company jargon. It helps if it’s shareable with short paragraphs, bullet points, lists or quotes. Use strong, actionable titles that include H1 markup. You can also spy on the competition and see how they are using keywords — be sure to make your content better.

Checking Keyword Usage

You began your content strategy with user intent and specific keywords. Check the following to make sure that you reached your goal of designing a post that will resonate with Google as well as your audience:

– No keyword stuffing
– Uses natural language
– Keywords are used naturally in image titles, captions and alt text.
– Titles include keywords in a natural way
– Use keywords naturally in the URL

By following these 3 tips, you’ll have content that’s popular with readers as well as search engines such as Google.

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