3 Ways Guest Posting Helps Your Business

Guest blogging is the practice of writing blog posts or articles to be published on other websites. When you write a guest post, the blog that publishes your content will usually give you a byline and a link back to your website. Below are three ways that writing guest posts for other blogs can help your business.

1. Guest Posts Build Brand Awareness And Reputation

The primary benefit guest blogging is that it builds your brand, both on a corporate and personal level. Your company name gets out there in front of more eyeballs, as does your own name as the author of the post. This spreads recognition of your brand and helps to establish you as an expert in your field, especially when your guest posts are published on popular, authoritative blogs in your industry. This is a huge win for you, so guest blogging should be a consistent component of your content marketing strategy.

2. Guest Blogging Brings Referral Traffic To Your Website

Another fantastic benefit of guest blogging is that it brings targeted referral traffic from your guest post right back to your blog or to your company’s website. In many cases, the blog hosting your guest post will allow you to link to a specific landing page on your company site, so this can translate into leads or sales very effectively. To convert at a higher rate, you want very targeted traffic, so don’t just blast your guest posts out there onto any site that will take them. Focus instead on landing guest posts on blogs that are closely related to your business and whose audience is composed primarily of your target market demographic.

3. Backlinks And Brand Mentions Boost Your Search Rankings

The last way that guest blogging helps your brand – and arguably the most effective way in terms of gaining traffic to your own site – is that the backlinks you generate help boost the effectiveness of your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. The more links you have pointed at your website from popular blogs in your industry, the better your site will rank in search results and the more targeted traffic your site will receive over time.

And not only do those backlinks help your website’s SEO, but even having your company name mentioned can have a positive SEO effect. Brand mentions like this have been referred to as implied links – they offer actual SEO value, even when no actual link is present. That’s a pretty powerful benefit all on its own.

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