4 Must Do Email Marketing Tactics

Email marketing is still one of the top strategies that you can use to generate sales. By having a targeted list of prospective or long-time customers, you can engage with them at any time. This allows you to send them valuable information or offer them a deal on one of your products or services. That’s why it is imperative that you keep your list healthy. You can employ 4 proven tactics that will ensure an increase in your email open rate.

Become Mobile Friendly

The explosion of mobile tablets and smartphones has led to information being consumed on all types of platforms. Your emails must be readable on any type of browser to ensure that they are being read. Statistics indicate that almost 50 percent of email correspondence or opened through some type of mobile device. If your code is not currently responsive, you are missing out on a high amount of potential customers and probably alienating your current customer base. Convert your emails so that they open on mobile phones, tablets and PCs.

Send Correspondence At Peak Reading Times

The first goal that you have when sending an email is for your recipient to actually open the email. You can increase the chances of this by sending it between 8 PM and midnight. This makes sense as most people are probably home from work and checking their emails as they wind down for the night. Incorporate a scheduled delivery of your emails during these peak hours to increase the amount to get read.

Use Power Words To Spark Interest

Dull subject lines will not get your emails opened. You need to use power words to securely grab the attention of your recipients. Words such as “Free” and “Proven” will spark a person’s interest and help them make the decision to open up your correspondence. Also, capitalize each word of your subject line to make sure that it’s seen. You want your emails to stand out when someone is scrolling their eyes across their screen.

Utilize Current Events

If you are sending emails to a local market of customers, use current event keywords to catch people’s interest. Pop culture references, current seasons or trends will also have keywords that can be used in subject lines to entice your recipients to click on your emails. Just look around popular websites that post information regarding pop culture and you’ll find plenty of ideas for your subject lines.

It’s highly likely that you’ll boost the open rate of your emails by incorporating these 4 tactics. Be sure to include entertaining copy that also keeps your readers interested. By doing this, you should see an increase in customer engagement and hopefully an increase in sales.

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