4 Things to Test to Find the Perfect Facebook Ads

Professional online marketers know that testing multiple ads for the same offer can yield greater results over time. When you design Facebook ads for newsletter sign-ups, your latest product line, or simply for brand recognition, develop multiples and do some A/B testing to get the most return on your investment.

1 – Call to Action

Every CTA should be strong, actionable, attention-grabbing, and perfectly clear. Once you have developed that magical line or two, create another and test both to see what works. This also lets you target different segments of your ideal audience in the best possible ways.

2 – Graphics or Photos

People notice a colorful graphic before they notice the text of an ad. You may be surprised to find that your company logo or a picture of the product you want to push may not be the best solution. Get more clicks and lower conversion rates by testing multiple images and going for the style that works better.

The same thing goes for color schemes. Since color is so closely tied to a motion, testing one vs. the other can elicit a very different response.

3 – Time of Day

While running your ads 24 hours a day may seem to reach the maximum possible number of people, more specific times can target the right people instead. Imagine the regular schedule of your ideal audience and test different time blocks to see if they provide the bulk of your return. This can be a great money saver.

4 – Placement on Facebook

The Facebook website offers three different add locations to try. People using desktop or laptop computers see large square ads in the news feed and smaller blocks in the right sidebar. The large population of people who access the social media platform for mobile devices get FB ads on their screen as they browse. Test inclusion in each of these places with the same advertisement to see which works best for your company, product, or service.

As with all types of Internet marketing, developing the perfect Facebook ads includes testing multiple almost-perfect ads to determine what gives you the ROI you want.

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