4 Top Benefits of Live Video Marketing

Transparency is emerging as one of the most important factors that customers are searching for before they become loyal customers who follow your brand or purchase your products. To help with this aspect and integrate it into your marketing strategy, you may want to consider using live video. It can help your business relayed a message of your brand, increase engagement with customers, is fairly affordable to produce and can easily be re-purposed.

Ability To Tell Your Story

There’s probably no other way to be authentic than by using live video to tell your story. Live video catches all of the aspects of your personality and shows you in a real-life situation. Of course, there will be tiny flubs and glitches with your broadcast, but this shows your vulnerability and actually strengthens the bond between you and your customers. With live video, you can respond to criticism, introduce your team or show some type of process that exhibits how you work behind the scenes

Increases Engagement and Reputation

When you broadcast a live event, it strengthens the engagement between your business and the audience that follows you. It shows that you want to communicate with them in a timely manner and keep them well informed. It also allows them to get to know your company and products even better. During a live video session, you could launch a product, hold a news conference or discuss new trends in your industry.

Affordable and Attainable

Technology has progressed to the point where even smartphones have enough resolution and processing power to create a great looking live video stream. Also, you are able to go live on popular social media platforms such as YouTube and Facebook. If you are already tapped into social media sites and have built a base of customers who are interested in what you have to say, it should be easier to go live and interact with your community. In fact, by doing so, you have the ability to reach your customers much easier than by just using textual content. In fact, statistics indicate that when your business interacts via live video on Facebook, it has the ability to increase organic reach as much as 148 percent higher than textual or other forms of content.

Repurpose Your Live Streams

Another benefit of using live streams is that you can repurpose your content. You could choose to download your video and break it up into shorter clips that can be used for quick advertising teasers. You can also repurpose live video by transcribing, editing and releasing the content as text. There are multiple ways to repurpose your content — be creative and reap the benefits.

By streaming live video to your customers, it will increase engagement and build a new level of transparency that’s valuable.

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