5 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch Out For

Digital marketing is evolving at a fast pace. More companies are pouring their marketing budget into digital marketing channels making it more competitive as each day passes. In order to keep up with the competition, it’s vital that you stay privy to latest strategies in this industry. Here are some of the latest trends that you should be paying attention to right now.

1. Loyalty Programs

More online businesses are starting to set up loyalty programs that actually provide worthy rewards for their customers. They’re learning from the big brands and finally understanding that loyalty programs increase the customer lifetime value. In addition, loyalty programs bring their customers back to their website which allows the businesses to get more data about their users and have more opportunities to sell.

2. Influencer Marketing

Many brands are reaching out to influencers to leverage the relationships that influencers have built with their audience. This strategy lets brands tap into a warm audience instead of trying to market to a cold crowd. This approach is becoming so popular that many influencers with large followings are cashing in due to the sponsorship money and commissions flowing in from big brands.

3. Visual Content

For the last few years, visual content has always been a smaller part of a comprehensive content marketing strategy. But more content publishers are starting to lead with visual content due to the increased engagement. In fact, 37% of marketers stated that visual content was the most important form of content aside from blogging. The savvy content marketers are starting to invest more into video, infographics, animated gifs and more general content that’s supported by images.

4. Beacon Technology

Big brands are adopting beacon technology in their stores to engage their traffic. They are connected to customers through apps and using push notification to send out promotional discounts, update consumers with time sensitive discounts and more. It’s still something that only a few brands are using today but in the next few years, it will be something that more companies with storefronts will start taking advantage of.

5. Advanced Marketing Automation

Many businesses today use marketing funnels and CRM platforms to maximize their lifetime customer value. This trend will continue to grow and evolve with the adoption of big data and more advanced automation/CRM technology. Businesses will collect data from every single action consumers make on their digital properties and be able to make the perfect decisions. That data will be used to automatically deliver the right messaging, offers and touch points for the highest ROI possible.

Those are just some of the trends that you should be excited about as a digital marketer. It’s important that you start learning and experimenting with these strategies if you want to stay ahead of the curve in your market and industry.


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  1. Thanks Brandon for these tips. I’ve always known about influencer marketing, but not other trends. I see the future of Beacon Technology, as businesses will gain more from it with time.

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