5 Steps To Becoming a Top Influencer

In the last 20 years, marketing has been radically changed with the emergence of the internet. Any digital marketer can create a website and let their voice be heard. However, with so many people seeking out an audience, it can be quite difficult to form a tribe of individuals who follow your brand. You need to be strategic and follow certain steps to become an influencer who people follow.

Cover News or Features

One way to get your voice heard as a digital marketer is to cover news related to your industry. You can also write about the top features of new services or products relating to your niche. Try to cover angles that other top influencers have missed and add value to your content that will help your community.

Network With New Friends

Identify individuals who are some of the top influencers and determine which ones you’d like as friends. Read and comment on their posts, listen to their podcasts and discover some common interests that you both have. After that, contact them with a prewritten article that’s been diligently researched and provides value. If they can use it as a guest post on their blog, it will benefit their readers and probably attract a few new subscribers for you.

Have and Share Your Expertise

There are many different facets to digital marketing. Chances are, you specialize in one or two of them. Use these skills to stand out and share your expertise. This can be done by using webinars, podcasting or producing videos. You can also become involved with other forms of social media such as Twitter or Facebook. Be sure to participate in chats so that your name becomes recognizable and see if you can find a spot as a guest on a podcast that is produced by an influencer.

Understand How To Influence

One important step you can take on your journey is to understand the psychology that is behind influencing people. There are certain principles that can be utilized to help build trust and raise your expertise level. You’ll find articles on the internet that discuss this topic as well as videos such as this one.

Be Remarkable

Every digital marketer has unique skills that they can share. You probably love to perform certain tasks such as copywriting, split testing or writing content. Hone in on these special skills that you can perform with ease and do amazing things with them that will help others. By becoming truly remarkable, you will find your spot as a top influencer.

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