5 Ways to Increase Visibility in the App Marketplace

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While developing apps are a great way to market your business, it can be incredibly difficult getting the momentum you need to become a staple app in the app marketplaces. To ensure that you get visibility, you’ll need to optimize your listings so that your app gets found by your target audience. Here are five things that you can do to give your app listing increased visibility.

1. Start with the Right Name and Title

One of the key factors in launching a successful app is choosing the right name. You need to come up with a name that helps describe what it does. If possible, use a high traffic keyword phrase describing what your app does in the name. You also want to try to come up with something catchy to grab people’s attention right away. If possible, include your main keyword in the title of your listing as it can increase you rank by 10.3% or more.

2. Research and Use the Right Keywords

Both the Apple App store and Google Play store allow you to include keywords in your listing description. You will want to build a keyword list by using the App Store search and the Google Adwords Keyword Planner. Go for the keywords with the highest search volumes that are also targeted to what your target audience is looking for.

3. Create a Compelling Description THEN Optimize

While you may be inclined to write a description for optimization purposes, it’s better to write for your target audience. Create a compelling description that communicates the benefits of your app, the core features, how it solves a problem and the experience others have gotten from it. Then, go back and edit the description with your target keyword included to make it as natural as possible. Using the keyword in the description around four to seven times is the number to shoot for.

4. Build Ratings and Reviews

Ratings and reviews encourage other users to check out your app. If people are talking favorably about your app, it will encourage others to download it as well. The app stores will also rank apps based on ratings. To build ratings, try to add a functionality in your app that ask users to rate and review it in the store. If your audience is on your email list, social media accounts or blog, use those channels to ask for downloads and reviews as well.

5. Use Quality Icons, Screenshots and Videos

The visual presentation of your app listing is important. You want to start with an attractive icon that communicates what your app does. Follow that up with screenshots that explores the main features of your app. Finally, use videos that show how your app works. It helps you present a visual overview of your app’s functionalities and allows you to communicate information that couldn’t be mentioned in your description.

These app store optimization tips are simple but can decide whether or not your app succeeds in the App store and Google Play store. That said, a lot of the real work is really in doing the necessary research and backing up your optimization efforts with a marketing campaign.

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