A Fun Way To Make Money Online In Retirement

make money online in retirement

Many people who retire are looking for a way to make money online, in retirement. This being said you have just finished a long career and are not in the mood for anything too boring. Let’s make it fun! There is no age limit and you do not need any experience with computers to do this.

How To Choose What To Do Online?

Choosing what product to sell, what website to make or even just how to start anything at all can be daunting. This is why we make it very easy with the Wealthy Affiliate University.

Everyone has a passion, a hobby or something which they are really passionate about. THIS is what you should be concentrating on when trying to decide what to sell online.


  • if you are a passionate gardener, then you can make a website about gardening.
  • if you love birds then make a website about birds and share your love

Anything is possible and when you write and share thoughts and opinions about something which you have a great love for, it shows. This is something you can easily make money with! not only that but you will connect with people all over the world who share the same passion for your chosen topic.

Don’t let your age scare you away from the Internet. This is something anyone can do and it is easier than you may think.

How Can I Do This If I Know Nothing About Making Websites?

Making a website a remarkably easy nowadays. It used to be a very hard process involving coding and a lot of hard work but now ANYONE can do it.

You can create a website in approx – 5 minutes. No joke!

if you are an elderly person and you are thinking “Oh I can’t possibly do this!”, then think again. There are thousands of older people making a good living online today. The Internet has become so incredibly user friendly now which means anyone can do everything online. The days of coding and being a “geek” are long gone.

Get To The Point Already!

Ok, so the process works like this;

  1. Make a website
  2. Write about your passion or hobby which rank well in Google
  3. Place small taste full adverts in content
  4. People come to your website and you make money!

We recommend you head over to Wealthy Affiliate University (FREE) and have a look. This is where you will learn all these things at your OWN pace.

make money online in retirement

But I know Nothing About Making A Website!

This does not matter. In fact, the very point that you are older and more experienced, works in your favor in a major way. Think about it, you have been around for a long time and after a long career working you have ample knowledge and practical experience.

This experience will show through in your content on your website and this will SELL very well.

The process of making a website is covered very clearly within Wealthy Affiliate. This is just a small sample of what you will learn;

  • how to create a website
  • how to write articles/blog posts
  • how to use images
  • how to get ranked in Google
  • how to write content
  • how to make money with your website!

What Can I Write About?

Due to your age you can write about ANYTHING! Think about it ; you have been around a long time and you are an authority figure in more subject than you may think.

There are 3 Billion people who use the Internet! This means that even if you think you only know 5% on a certain subject, to any high level, then you will know 90% more than tens of millions of people who will be coming to YOUR website for information.

Let us give you an example;

Let us say you are a retired mechanic then you will have a lifetimes experience with cars, car parts and all that comes with it. Which means you will know 99% more on this topic than the average 20 year old.

  • Last month alone 1,000 people “Googled” – “how to change oil in a car”
  • 25,000 people “Googled” some variation of – “how to install car radio”

Now, for an experienced person like yourself who has 30 years experience as a mechanic who is now retired, you may laugh at this. However, imagine all the other parts of a car and just how many thousands of different questions people all over the world are asking about cars and other machinery.

This is where someone like YOU can create a website and give them the information.

You Are The Previous Generation

You are the previous generation and you have a lot of knowledge which should be passed on to the younger folk! In this age it is almost impossible to get the attention of younger people, unless you use their medium.

By using the Internet you can create a nice bit of extra cash, not to mention, potentially a new pension. Click the link below and start your journey to making money online in your retirement!

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