AdHawk Is Now Accepting a Larger Audience

The rapid advancement of technology has brought with it many changes to how businesses, organizations, universities, and government agencies market their products, services, and brands. Social media’s advent within the past decade has resulted in digital marketing becoming geared towards Facebook, Google Plus, and other social media platforms. Businesses are able to market towards specific demographics easier than ever before, as Facebook and Google Plus users provide demographic information when signing up.

AdHawk, an up-and-coming digital marketing startup, has recently went public to allow all advertisers get help in managing their campaigns. The company works primarily in maintaining Facebook marketing efforts, but also lends their services to ads and promotions based on Google.

One of AdHawk’s most innovative selling points is there complication of marketing functions in a centralized dashboard that’s easy to navigate. AdHawk refers to the dashboard as bringing together “sophisticated technology . . . [with] an easy-to-understand analytics dashboard.”

Todd Saunders, the CEO of AdHawk, and Dan Pratt, the new company’s COO, lead a team of only twenty employees, although big things do come in small packages, as the saying goes. Both Saunders and Pratt used to work at the highly successful Internet giant Google in the AdWords department, gearing AdHawk towards imminent success in digital marketing.

The program this agency offers features tabs on one side of the dashboard to sift and sort through clients’ digital marketing campaigns. Cost, impressions, clicks, and cost per click values are the primarily featured metric on the innovative dashboard. It also features an interactive graph that demonstrates performance of various metrics over time and in comparison to money spent and time allocated towards that clients’ campaign, among other meaningful metrics.

Over seven thousand businesses currently reside on AdHawk’s wait list, hoping to boost their clients’ success in digital advertising campaigns. AdHawk charges a monthly subscription fee for their services, geared primarily towards medium-sized businesses with small marketing teams of tens of employees. Client contact information can be stored as well, easily pulled up for employees to reach out to clients in seconds.

CEO Saunders suggested that AdHawk is best utilized towards companies that do not have the time or resources to “spend their whole day” making sense of Excel spreadsheets and other compilations of raw marketing-related data. AdHawk underwent one calendar year of beta testing prior to their recent release.

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