Affiliate Marketing and the Building Trust with Paid Ads Problem

Would you trust a salesperson who clearly states, “I am getting paid to recommend this product to you?” This mimics what goes on in the affiliate marketing world every day. Plenty of online business owners and bloggers suggest products they have never used or know nothing about because of the high commission payouts.

Now that they have to tell people they are getting paid for purchases made through the links, the recommendations might not carry the same weight. Of course, being honest about this is important, but in the quest to build website or brand trust, how can you overcome this issue?

Affiliate Links are Paid Ads

Every affiliate product offered on your website or blog should be one you have researched fully and have found to be of value to your site visitors or readers. Despite careful research, the fact remains that the links are paid ads. While most online business owners would balk at including an ad to something illegal or blatantly immoral, they might not even blink at recommending an expensive product over one that offers a better value to the end user.

It is this type of consideration that potential buyers understand. When they know you are getting paid, trust can suffer. Imagine the age-old stereotype of the sketchy used car dealer pushing the expensive car to the family that came in for an economical compact.

Building Trust So People Believe Your Recommendations

How do you build that trust in the face of being a paid salesperson for the affiliate products? The answer to this question is threefold:

  • Only recommend quality products
  • Be 100% honest about the offer
  • Increase your brand recognition and reputation

Products should have high ratings and offer real value to the consumers. Over 88% of consumers trust online reviews equally to recommendations by people they know. They will trust you if you suggest worthwhile products. Building your site or name brand over time will grow that trust and make your links easier choices for clicks.

The power of affiliate marketing is undeniable. Many people make a lot of money recommending other people’s products to consumers and earning commissions on clicks, leads, or sales. In order to build trust and convince people to buy a product you have never personally used, your personal brand may matter more than the product brand. Keep it honest, do your research, and build trust despite the incentives.

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