Affiliate Marketing Company Continues Rapid Growth

Over the past decade, the amount of consumer shopping that is done online has continued to grow and the trend is expected to continue. According to recent projections, it is believed that eCommerce sales will reach to over $4 trillion within the next few years. This could make up more than 15% of total consumer retail spending. Because of this trend, it is more and more important for companies to find online consumers. One of the best ways to do this today is through affiliate marketing. Those that are successful at affiliate marketing are seeing tremendous growth (

Today, one of the leading affiliate marketing companies in the world is Affliaxe, which is based out of Israel and is considered one of the top online eCommerce service providers in the world. The company has continued to gain the reputation of helping a company find new customers. This has helped them to continue to find new clients, which has allowed the company to double their revenue in the last 12 months. Today, the company has total revenue in excess of $100 million per year.

Due to the impact that the company has had, it is expected that they will continue to grow. The affiliate marketing approach to business development is much different than other forms of marketing. Instead of placing strategic ads, the company focuses on finding new customers that will directly lead to more sales.

While the company started small and is only about 5 years old, they are not considered one of the success stories in the industry. Today, they have a client list that expands to over 150 countries across the country. They are also the premier vendor for a lot of different major companies including Alibaba, Emirates, and Hilton. An added benefit of being in the affiliated marketing industry is that companies are able to diversify their clients across a range of different industries. This helps to make it somewhat recession-proof, which will help guarantee the long-term success.

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