Affordable Digital Marketing Methods to Expand Your Website Traffic

If you are in business or running a charitable organization, getting a steady stream of new customers or donors is your top priority. A website is a basic tool to utilize in accomplishing this. The problem is that everyone and their mother has a website nowadays, so you have to promote yours to your target audience as cost effectively as possible. The following are some effective ways to do this.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This is the most fundamental way of getting your website found by people who are literally searching for what you have to offer. Search engine optimization involves doing certain things to your website that major search engines take into account when ranking the pages of your site above the competition under those phrases people will be typing in when searching for what you have to offer. Dominating the competition on the search results pages is a sure way to bring a steady stream of targeted traffic to your website that will be inclined to convert into paying customers. You should either learn all you can about SEO yourself or if too much of your time is being spent running your organization, hire professionals to handle it for you. A good SEO campaign can take a few months to start showing results, but it is typically one of the highest return on investment digital marketing strategies.

Use Online Marketplaces to Find Buyers

If you have a business that retails products, you could start a seller account on ebay or amazon. This is an unusual method of getting your name out there because you are actually earning some money immediately as you make sales while you are promoting the name of your business. Then, when the same people come back for more of what you have to offer, you can let them know you have your own website that they can purchase through. Let them know that they’ll get a discount the first time they buy there to help get more to switch over from the online marketplace where they’re comfortable buying.

Upload Tutorial, How-To and Product Demonstration Videos on YouTube

Whether you sell a good, service or a cause, you can make a video about it that you can upload to YouTube. Be sure to ask people who view your videos to subscribe to your YouTube channel, and while you’re doing that, you can also point them to your own website. For an added bonus, as you gather subscribers to your channel, you may get enough that you can start having ads run on your videos in order to start making money from the YouTube channel as well.

There are a plethora of other methods you can use to expand traffic to your website. Utilizing email marketing, fully leveraging social media beyond YouTube and content marketing are a few others you should look into as well.

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