7 Ways Aloha Construction Recommends Celebrating the Holidays as a Small Business Owner

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The holidays are a time for giving. November and December are full of events and festivities centered around being thankful, being generous, and giving not only to our friends and family but also to the community. This holiday season, Aloha Construction recommends celebrating the holidays as a small business owner in these seven easy but fun and effective ways.

1. Host a Holiday Contest or Giveaway

Happy holidays with Aloha constructionAloha Construction loves to give back. That’s why this year they ran a special contest just for the kids. In October and November, Aloha Construction announced that they were giving away 12 VIP box seats to the biggest Bulls fans they could find!

The contest was super simple. Parents just had to like the Aloha Construction Facebook page, and send them a message explaining why their kid and their friends are the biggest Bulls fans. Aloha Construction then planned to announce the winner on Facebook in November, giving them the experience of a lifetime and making one child and his friends’ dream come true this holiday season!

Giving back to the community, and especially to children, is a great way to show generosity and spread cheer during this joyful time of year.

2. Sponsor a Team

If you can’t tell, Aloha Construction loves sports. That’s why this year, they chose to proudly sponsor Illinois State University.

Sponsoring a team is a generous financial donation, but it helps support students and teams who otherwise may not have been able to play.  If your small business is ready to give back this holiday season, consider sponsoring a local sports team in your area. It can be a youth team, high school, college, or even a professional organization. No matter which one you choose, your involvement is sure to leave you feeling good, and have a long-term impact as well.

3. Throw a Holiday Party

Holiday Party with Aloha Construction

Giving back to the community and showing appreciation for those that have supported you is a great way to celebrate the holidays. However, it’s important not to forget about your employees in the company as well.

Celebrate the season as a small business owner by making this time festive for everyone. Decorate your shop or office with lights and a tree, and schedule a holiday luncheon, brunch, or full-blown party. Being generous with food, gifts, and of course, kind words can go a long way in showing your employees how much you care, and how thankful you are to have them working hard in your office every day.

4. Sponsor a Holiday Event

This time of year, there is always a lot going on. Special events like ice skating rinks, tree lightings, and Christmas markets are just the beginning. Look in your local papers and see how you can get involved and donate your money or time to make this holiday season extra magical for the kids in your community.

Whether you choose to sponsor a visit from Santa to a local children’s hospital (and fill up his sack with presents of course) or fund a holiday reading night at the local library, the opportunities to have fun while also supporting a festive holiday event this year are truly endless.

5. Host a Giving Tree in Your Business

What is a giving tree? It’s a tree full of ornaments with requests from local families and children in need. The best part about this option is that it is not only a great way for you to celebrate the holidays but for all of your employees as well.

Work with a local church or organization to set up the tree in your office and invite your employees (or even regular customers) to each take an ornament or two. They then buy and wrap the gifts, and place them back under the tree, to be delivered by your partner organization to the families in need and make their holidays a little brighter. Giving back, together, is a great way to raise the spirits of everyone in your small business.

6. Spread Some Cheer With Holiday Surprises

Aloha Construction knows that the little things matter. Roofing and home repair are all about attention to detail, and they take this principle into their holiday celebrations as well. That’s why one way Aloha Construction recommends celebrating the holidays as a small business owner is to spread some cheer with small surprises.

Bring in homemade holiday treats for the break room one day, hold a holiday raffle with exciting prizes, or just leave a small bag with a gift card or note of appreciation on your employees desks. The days leading up to the holiday break are festive, and you can make them even more fun with these small holiday surprises that are sure to go a long way with your work family.

7. Show Some Customer Appreciation

If your small business has customers coming in every day, make sure you show them some customer appreciation.

Whether it’s including a holiday cookie with every purchase, or spinning a decorated holiday wheel to get extra savings or discounts on their next visit, something fun and festive is a great way to remember this is a season of giving. Small touches show that you care, and your customers will love being reminded that they are supporting a real person and their dream, instead of a corporate entity this holiday season (and will make sure to come back again!)

The holidays are right around the corner. November and December are a great time to focus on being thankful and giving back. This year, take a tip from Aloha Construction and celebrate the season as a small business owner with these seven easy and effective ways to make a difference in the lives of your employees and your community today.

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