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Aloha Construction, Inc. is a local company that serves southern Wisconsin and all of Illinois. The organization has field supervisors, inspectors, installers, office team, and claim specialists that have worked for hand in hand with each other and seen the successful completion of more than 7,000 local ventures. Aloha Construction Inc. is family-owned and operated. The company has gone through a series of changes and revolutions over the years. It has grown from a small family establishment into an industry that has accomplished a wide exhibit of achievements. Today, Aloha Construction, Inc. stands as a pioneer with notoriety for unmatched excellence, safety, and intelligence in the construction business.

Aloha Construction based in Lake Zurich
Aloha Construction of Lake Zurich

Aloha Construction Inc. is aimed at maintaining topnotch levels of professionalism, honesty, integrity, and fairness in its relationships with its suppliers, subcontractors, and associates such as insurance adjusters, company agents, and most importantly the customers. Aloha Construction Inc. ensures customer satisfaction in areas such as timeliness, and attention to detail at all levels of the organization – within the sales team, the service team, and the office staff.

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Dave Farbaky

Dave Farbaky, also known as David Farbaky is the current President and CEO of Aloha Construction Inc. Mark you this organization is family-owned, operated, and managed. He is forty-six years of age and lives in Lake Zurich, Illinois. Dave Farbaky strives to lead Aloha Construction Inc. towards the achievement of its mission. Aloha Construction Inc. is under the able leadership of Dave Farbaky to deliver the best quality construction at the most reasonable and competitive prices in the market.

Dave Farbaky has a conservative demeanor, but he makes an exceptional business leader for Aloha Construction Inc. Other than being the President of a renowned construction company, Dave Farkaby is a husband, a father and a brother. In addition, he is a role model to many upcoming entrepreneurs for having made it to the Presidency position of a successful and rapidly growing organization. Dave Farbaky is big in giving back to society and helping the less fortunate. He has a foundation dedicated to reaching out to and helping the the community known as Dave Farbaky Foundation. The foundation has taken part in charitable gestures such as shopping spree for children in the locality, among others.

Aloha Construction Inc. has your home repair needs all covered regardless of what may have happened to your home. The organization is readily available to attend to home repair needs such as when severe natural calamities damage your home, you need minor or major home repairs, or you just need an upgrade of your home’s current look. Aloha Construction, Inc. is an all-round business that will attend to every area of your homes such as the roof, gutter, sides, windows, and other home repair services.


There are numerous factors that can render a homeowner to consider revamping his home’s roof or just getting a new roof altogether. Other than the normal aging of the roof that gets it old depreciated to the point of repair or replacement, the speed, and friction of the wind can lead to the damage of component Asphalt Shingles and Cedar Shakes. Slow, medium, and fast winds, and on a flat, low slope or steep can all damage the roof of a home and consequently call for the service of home repair experts such as Aloha Construction, Inc.

Thanks to Aloha Construction Inc.’s thorough and exhaustive 9 step inspection process, all issues that pertain to the overall integrity of your home’s roof are easily identified. This process aids in the determination of the extent of damage on shingles and their remaining life, flashing, and attic ventilation. If the inspection leads to the discovery of any damage, Aloha Construction, Inc. helps you decide on a high-quality shingle. Also, the company can offer an up to 10-year craftsmanship warranty to the roofing project.


The method that you apply to manage water in your home determines the level at which you have protected your home. One important preventative step of keeping your home protected is implementing a system that channels water around and eventually away from your home. If you allow water to accumulate and settle along the base of the house is a recipe for crawlspaces, wet basements, ground erosion, damage to the concrete, development of mold and mildew. These problems lead to the need for home repair which can be costly and often unnecessary – because such problems can be avoided.

Water and moisture tend to sit around the home after a downpour. It is paramount that you be on the lookout for such and deal with the gutter problem before it escalates to unnecessary home repair costs. Aloha Construction Inc. can provide the appropriate gutter guards, miters, and elbows to avert the moisture and stagnant water around your home.


The installation, replacement, or repair of the siding of your house can be daunting. Even though the thought of restoring the entire exterior of your home can seem intimidating, this project is an important part of the home repair, and it goes more than just protecting your family from harsh weather conditions. Restoring the exterior of your home increases its value by gives it character, improves its appearance, reduces maintenance fees, and lowers your net heating and cooling expenses.

Before joining the Aloha Construction Inc. family, the organization’s employees are required to go through home improvement training. As such, Aloha Construction Inc. can install, replace, and repair you deem fit such as Aluminum, Fiber Cement, Hardee Board, Wood, Face Brick, Stucco, and many others.

Windows Replacement

Aloha Construction Inc. also offers windows replacement in its home repair regimen. The company can install a new window whether it is made of vinyl or wood. They can work on your preferred designs such as installation, repair or replacement of multiple screens on your windows. Aloha Construction Inc. is capable of offering all-round home repair services even when your home’s Soffit and Fascia start to hand and peel.

Check out Aloha Construction for all of your remodel needs!

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  1. Hey, great to read a successful entrepreneur helping poor and less fortunate. If all people decide to do it then there will be no poverty. You have a real big heart Dave. I myself do a lot of charitable work and we respect entrepreneurs like you!

  2. I’m in need of a construction company myself and I appreciate this article. This article explains Aloha construction’s work in great details.
    Dave is doing a great job and I’m considering to hire Aloha Construction for my house roofing. Thanks Brandon, I’ve bookmarked this page and your website.

  3. I just moved to Lake Zurich and this article was perfect timing!! I am looking for some siding to be done on my house, so I might just give Aloha Construction a ring. I wonder how they are price wise compared to some other companies in town.

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