App Store Optimization Tips For Your Business App

After designing and launching a fantastic app for your business, you still find it has low downloads and usage. Current users are probably your close friends and other people who knew about the app. Additionally, it is difficult to find your application in app stores. To increase the audience, you need to focus on app store optimization. Here are top tips that digital marketers use to improve app’s ranking.

Focus on the Keywords

Keywords are what make it easy to find an app in various app stores. Choose your app title carefully and begin with the relevant keyword. Different app stores have limited character count for the app’s name. The tightened word choice of title provides a balance in app’s name and the keywords. It is critical to ensure that keywords are relevant to app’s use. Use competitive keywords such as using numerical instead of writing in numbers to save space.

Provide Appealing Screenshots

Impress your audience with appealing screenshots of the app in app stores. Well-taken screenshots increase the number of downloads by potential users. The screenshots should briefly explain the purpose of the app. In the photos, also provide customer opinion which will attract other users to install the app.

Act on Reviews and Ratings

Higher ratings lead to better ranking. Negative reviews help improve your app. The best way to limit poor rating is to have users offer opinions directly through the app. Direct reviews sent to app developers, help reduce negative comments online and improve functionality. Utilize tools that provide in-app rating.

Upgrade Regularly

It is crucial to update the app’s functionality from time to time. Also check on the screenshots, app’s keywords and the descriptions and ensure they are updated. Fix bugs from time to time to improve user experience. Remember to consider the user’s feedback when upgrading. Respond to customer queries on the app to enhance the functionality. Change the keywords to match with business changes with trends in the industry. Capture a screenshot for seasonal products on appropriate time on the app. A bullet list of description of app use improves readability and understanding of app’s purpose.

Localize the App

In case the business operates in a specific location, take screenshots and description of the business area. Provide a screenshot of the map for easier accessibility to the business location.

App store optimization is an integral part of the success of any app since over half of app user install apps from app stores. Utilize these tips to increase the app rankings. Be keen to follow what your competition is doing on their apps.

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