Artificial Intelligence Application in B2B Marketing

The technological advancements and innovations that have characterized the fourth industrial revolution have forced the business organization and industries to reinvent and review their processes to avoid being kicked out of business. The opportunities that accrue from are well worth the hassle despite a massive disruption of these technologies. One of the most recent developments in the use of artificial intelligence in applications of B2B. Although digital marketing professionals have started to explore the advantages of algorithms that make use of machine-learning, the AI implementation opportunities in B2b marketing are far from exhausted. In this article, we are going to highlight the ways through AI can be used in B2B digital marketing.

Blockchain technology is one of the latest trends in the industry of B2B marketing. The three main elements of the supply chain are the logistics provider, seller, and buyer where data. These entities have an information flow that is usually one way or point to point to either EDI messages or XML-based messages. Each party has its point of view regarding the flow of information, and through the utilization of acknowledgment document mechanisms, they can try the synchronization of the flow of information within the entire supply chain. Since there are no comprehensive rules for all kinds of exception handling and reconciliation, true synchronization becomes difficult to achieve. The fact that information flow is usually pointing to point or one way makes it easy for blockchain to solve the whole problem. This technology addresses the compliance of data attribution and security, data ownership and data privacy compliance. Although the development of blockchain technology is still in its very early stages, it is poised to take the B2b marketing industry by storm.

Big data does not just involve the analysis of the information generated by a business to get insight on the trends in consumer tastes and preferences; it also has a hand in the utilization of such insights in the personalization of a company’s strategies in digital marketing. With the advent of the artificial intelligence technology, companies can now be targeted one at a time. This has allowed an increase in product personalization for the customer which creates an improved consumer brand experience which leads to a bigger volume of sales and a handsome return on investment. Artificial intelligence has also driven sharper accuracies in the provision of sales intelligence which will lead to a better B2b and B2C personalized marketing experiences.

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