Better Your Business Skills With These Tips From Entrepreneur Sawyer Howitt

Sawyer Howitt Business Advice
Sawyer Howitt Business Advice

UPDATED October 2nd, 2017 – Sawyer Howitt continues to share his business advice. Visit to read his latest article “Sawyer Howitt’s Advice for Young Entrepreneurs”.

Entrepreneurship plays an essential role in the economy and today’s millennials are taking an avid interest in developing and honing their business skills. According to recent statistics, our country is seeing a growing number of young adults between the ages of 20 and 35 years beginning new businesses.

In many cases, these young entrepreneurs are already outperforming their older counterparts when it comes to running such businesses successfully. However, young business owners and entrepreneurs are often faced with obstacles in the workplace. While these hardships can be upsetting, there are unique ways that young business-minded individuals can be heard, taken seriously, and eventually come out victorious. The following paragraphs will discuss eight ways that young entrepreneurs can successfully grow their business.

The following paragraphs outline practical steps that a young worker or business owner can take to fight against the stigma associated with youth in the business world.

1. Have the Confidence to Speak Up

Confidence is usually something that is lacking in younger individuals. This is due in part to the fact that confidence increases with experience and young adults often lack experience. Young employees are often overlooked in favor of older employees who may be seen as more experienced. This can be true even if the younger individual is the one with more education or direct experience with the subject matter at hand.

Though it may be frustrating, the younger you are, the more you have to actively promote yourself and your skills. Don’t expect your skills to speak for themselves or to be automatically noticed among colleagues that are much older than you. Have the courage to know your worth and speak up about it, focusing on the benefits you have to offer your employer.

2. The Proof is in the Pudding

As a young employee, your value is not likely to be immediately recognized by your employer and managers. In fact, it’s easy to be dismissed simply because you will likely be considered less experienced and lacking in important skills needed to get the job done correctly.

However, hold your head high and complete your work in an exceptional manner and it will get noticed over time. It’s best to work quietly and diligently rather than bringing constant praise or recognition to yourself. Let your completion of successful projects speak for themselves and your management team will soon sit up and take notice of the quality of work you’re capable of providing.

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3. Admit Areas of Weakness

Being able to admit to areas of weakness is an important part of being an adult. Therefore, this is a quality that will work in your favor in the workplace. Make it clear that you are capable of achieving far more than you’ve had the chance to demonstrate right now but fully admit to areas where you may be lacking experience or may need further development. It’s far better to admit areas of weakness and seek the help you need to improve these areas than to pretend you know everything and do an inferior job at performing certain skills.

4. Be Up to Date on Your History

Older employees are often favored simply because they’ve been around long enough to have lived through a variety of life experiences that will help them become better employees and more productive workers.

Having a vast knowledge of history can help you out in many ways. For example, older employees are sometimes very resistant to the idea of taking direction from someone a lot younger than them. However, if this younger individual ends up having a great deal of historical knowledge and real world skills, it can make it much easier for these older employees to disregard the age difference and focus on the skill of the person in question.

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5. Persistence Pays Off

When you begin a business at a young age, it can be unnerving to see other successful and well-established business owners surrounding you. At times it can feel as if you will never reach that same level of success. Remember that all new business owners and entrepreneurs go through rough periods, especially near the start of their careers. This doesn’t always have anything to do with age, but it is just a factor that virtually everyone in this industry goes through at some point. Remaining persistent is essential to your success.

Make it a general practice to refuse to accept defeat and keep plowing forward toward your goals with hard work, dedication, and sacrifice. If you do this, you will be extremely likely to reach your career goals.

6. Focus on the Benefits of Youth

Regardless of the fact that ageism in the business world is very common, being young does also have its advantages. It can be easy at times to focus on the negative and dwell on the fact that you don’t feel like your superiors or colleagues take you seriously. However, remember that your attitude is an important determining factor in your success. Dwelling on negative things will only make you a more negative person overall. Having a spirit of negativity can permeate other areas of your life and make it more difficult for you to reach your goals.

Youth has many advantages in the business world. For one, it’s likely that you don’t have very many family obligations yet. You’re also likely in reasonably good physical health and have an abundance of energy. Use these things to your advantage by working diligently even during the evening hours and on weekends when your older colleagues are likely attending to family responsibilities. This can allow you the wiggle room to get ahead if you use these factors to your advantage.

7. Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Pitching a new idea or asking for a special privilege that is usually given to someone with more seniority than you can be a very nerve-wracking process. If your management team tries to use your age against you, simply be outspoken and put everything on the line. What have you got to lose by simply saying, “Try me out, and if I don’t perform to your expectations, you never have to ask me to perform this duty again.” This outspokenness can go a long way toward making you appear confident and capable of performing the task in question.

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8. Have Confidence and Remain Focused on the End Goal

As stated earlier, confidence is important in pulling off certain tasks in the business world, but it’s something that usually comes along with age and experience. As a younger employee or business owner, you may have to fake the confidence until you’ve gained enough experience to build it up naturally.

In the face of criticism and feeling like you’re overlooked even though you are more than qualified for the job, it can be really difficult to remain focused. However, determination and dedication are two of the most important determining factors for success in the business world. These two qualities trump anything negative that you could be faced with. So buckle down, ignore the negativity, and put every ounce of your energy into becoming the business success story that you want to be.

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Who is Sawyer Howitt?

Sawyer Howitt is a young entrepreneur who has experienced a great deal of success. In spite of his young age, Sawyer has the business skills needed to fully understand the operational and financial needs of a burgeoning business.

In 2017, Sawyer Howitt became the Project Manager at Meriwether Group, and since that time he has continued to seek out projects that will expand his business development skills and help him grow as a young person in this industry.

In addition to his business and technological skills, Mr. Howitt also remains involved in a variety of philanthropic causes including mentoring other young people much like himself and fighting for the equal treatment of women, especially within a male-dominated industry. He is currently set to attend the University of California where he is planning on getting an Entrepreneurial Finance degree.

In the decades that come, entrepreneurship will continue to be a cornerstone of our society. Millennials continue to flock toward this type of business career at alarming speeds. In the majority of cases, they are proving themselves to be successful even when the odds are stacked against them. By using the tips mentioned above, young entrepreneurs will be successful in the workplace.

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  2. Sawyer Howitt is on right path at such a young age. I remember when I was around 25. I did not have much to do and my boss did not much trust young people. It seems that things have changed now for good. It’s great to see young people not holding back because of their age. Great times are coming…

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