Birkenstock Says Goodbye To Amazon

Birkenstocks are one of the most popular shoes on planet Earth, as well as one of the modern world’s oldest style of shoes. Johann Adam Birkenstock created the eponymous brand in the 1770s in his home country of Germany. About 120 years later, Johann’s grandson Konrad made the world’s first contoured insole for use in footwear.

With such history, excellence, and style behind Birkenstocks, it’s no surprise that they’re sold all over the planet.

Advertising Woes For Birkenstock In Germany

Amazon is a leader in eCommerce, and has long overtaken competitors as the best in the industry. Like with all mediums of business, it’s important for digital retailers to flood the World Wide Web with digital advertisements. Even though Amazon is widely popular, advertisements boost its business revenues.

Seeing as Amazon conducts business entirely online, it’s important for their company to account for any misspellings of its own or its products’ names. For the past several years, Amazon has ran ads on the Internet that misspell some of its most popular products, as Internet users invariably make mistakes, sometimes when searching for their favorite products.

While Amazon Was Trying To Boost Sales, The Company Wasn’t Happy

In a German court of law, judges found that Amazon would no longer be able to propagate advertisements throughout the Internet that misspell Birkenstock, the proper spelling of the popular brand name.

Amazon has been spreading digital advertisements that spelled Birkenstock as Birkenstok, Brikenstock, and Bierkenstock for some time across Google AdWords.

The reason why Birkenstock was against the misspellings is because customers could be tricked into purchasing counterfeit, illegitimate products. Even though sales were undoubtedly boosted for Birkenstock in the interim, the purchase of counterfeit products would have likely risen over the long run, cut sales, and ended in negativity for the German shoe brand.

Birkenstock Left Amazon Over The Issue

In July 2016, Birkenstock removed its own products from the digital retailer’s listings, despite reporting its issues directly to Amazon.

Starting early next year, Birkenstock will also pull all of its shoes from the European marketplace, citing issues with its lack of solving counterfeiting issues.

The problem with Amazon’s advertising has been expressed by other retailers over the years, as well, despite the obvious issues resulting from them that undoubtedly effect product manufacturers’ lines of business.

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