Bridget Scarr: Seven Tips for Building a Creative Business from the Bottom Up

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Entrepreneurship is a very important part of the American economy today. In fact, recent statistics indicate that there are over 28 million small businesses throughout the United States. Over half of the US population who are employed work in a small business in some fashion. These numbers just go to show how vital small businesses are in terms of driving the economy in an upward trajectory and providing countless job opportunities for those seeking employment. Seven out of ten new businesses survive at least two years, and roughly half of them survive at least five years. Creating a small business from the ground up requires careful planning, dedication, and perseverance. In the paragraphs that follow, we round up some of the leading seven tips for building a successful business from the creative mastermind, Bridget Scarr.

Seven Tips for Successfully Building a Creative Business

Over the most recent few years, we have seen a steady increase in the number of Americans willing to step out of their comfort zones and pursue the lofty goal of entrepreneurship. More people than ever before are attempting to break out of the mold of working standard 9 to 5 jobs and seeking ways to get creative with their own business ideas. While owning a business is hard work and requires a great deal of preparation and planning, it is also one of the most freeing ways to earn a living. Here we will discuss seven important tips that any individual can use to their advantage to help create a successful creative business of their own.

* Analyze Consumer Needs

Before you get started with the work involved in starting a business from scratch, it’s always a good idea to carefully analyze the needs of your marketplace. While consumer’s needs and demands constantly change, you do need a good grip on what your intended client base is currently looking for. Once you get started in your business, you’ll find that you will constantly be researching consumer trends and desires so that you can make continuous adjustments in your product and service offerings that support the needs of your customer base.

* Observe Successful Business Owners

In much the same way that you wouldn’t seek financial advice from a person who wasn’t financially successful, you likely won’t seek business advice from those who failed in their business ventures. Seek out mentors who are successful business owners and learn how they became successful at what the do. Most are more than happy to speak openly to other individuals they meet with a strong entrepreneurial drive. Ask them questions about what has helped them to become successful. They will likely be more than happy to share some tips. You can also learn a lot about what business owners with similar business types as you are offering so that you can make your product or service selection just different enough to set yourself apart from the rest and stand out to potential clients.

* Produce Your Specific Brand

Branding your business is another important aspect of setting yourself apart from your competition and putting a unique look with your business name. Branding can include such vital steps as creating a name and catchphrase, designing a logo, having attention-grabbing business cards developed, creating a strong presence on social media, and building a solid web page. I also recommend that you create a Linked In account and fill it out as much as possible, as well as create a professional business email address so that clients can contact you.

* Develop Creative Content

Many industries today are saturated with people offering similar products and services. This doesn’t mean that you cannot be successful in these areas, however. It just means it may be harder initially to set yourself apart from the rest of the crowd offering similar types of things. The best thing you can do to further set yourself apart is to create useful and creative content. Try to avoid directing traffic to a website that is not yet completed, for example. When new potential customers stumble upon your website or social media pages, you want them to be greeted by exciting and engaging content that is useful to them in some manner. This is much more likely to grab their attention and keep them coming back for more.

* Connect with Others

Now that you have created an exciting brand for your business, it’s time to start exploring other connections. You might start this process by making a list of companies or agencies you would like to partner up and that you feel would be a good fit for your company. Begin contacting these individuals and remember to be warm and inviting, just as you would when creating new friendships in a social circle.

* Plan and Adjust Finances

Your finances as a small business owner will constantly need to be analyzed and adjusted. As a general rule of thumb, it’s a good idea to determine how much revenue you will need to earn to keep your business operating smoothly for the first several months after getting started. Determine how many hours you will need to put into working your business to see that figure become a reality. Having another source of income or surplus funds in savings can give you a great deal of peace of mind in these beginning stages of building your business.

* Expand Business and Personal Connections

After you have spent some time building your business presence, you can further expand upon your business connections and begin speaking to larger companies that you may not have had the confidence to approach in the early days of your business adventure. Finding like-minded individuals who share a common vision and dream will further fuel your drive for success as your business continues to grow.

About Bidget Scarr

Bridget Scarr is a successful writer, producer, and singer-songwriter out of London, United Kingdom. Bridget thrives on creative adventures that allow her to express her own unique style and persona. When not working on a television production, she may be founding writing a new novel or producing exciting music.

Bridget Scarr believes that creativity brings power to change the world as we know it. Such creative ventures, whether they involve creating a business or an entirely different goal, can become a personal outlet for creativity and growth. Freedom of expression is vital to Bridget Scarr, and she continues to treasure every opportunity to express herself in her business adventures and her personal life.

The spirit of entrepreneurship continues to grow throughout the United States, and this trend seems to be sticking around. Many individuals are learning that small business ownership can afford them a level of creative expression and freedom that isn’t possible to achieve in corporate America. While taking on the task of creating a brand new business from the ground up can seem overwhelming or impossible at times, the above-mentioned seven tips can help anyone interested learn to tackle this goal. Bridget Scarr continues to lend her expertise regarding the creative thought process that goes on behind the scenes with many entrepreneurs today. By keeping these seven important points in mind, you can create a successful creative business that benefits you for many years to come.

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