Chris Burch: A Lifetime of Achievement

Chris Burch is many things: an entrepreneur, a philanthropist and an international hotelier. He has participated in the success of more than fifty companies in his forty-year career. This is supported by observing his entrepreneurial skills, which include investment acumen, sourcing experience, and his understanding of consumer behavior.

Some of Burch’s business endeavors range from financial services to apparel, technology, and hospitality. He has also invested in ED by Ellen DeGeneres. This is a fashion company that caters for the fashion needs of men, women, children, and even dogs. It has been featured several times in magazines such as Vogue and Elle.

Another business that Burch is associated with is Poppin. Poppin is a company whose goal according to is to “infuse the boring office products industry with colorful but affordable alternatives to everything from desktop accessories to furniture”.

Chris Burch also launched Cocoon9, a tiny house company that pre-assembles and delivers pre-fab houses of several designs to their clients within four months. The Financial Times writes that Cocoon9 is a project that develops miniature homes with modern and high-quality construction.

Burch’s path to success began in his college years where before he graduated, Burch and his brother invested $2,000 into the launch of a company called Eagle’s Eye apparel. Through this company, Burch and his brother would create women’s sweaters with preppy embroidery scenes. In a short while, Eagle’s Eye was sold for $60 million. It was during these early days that Burch learned how to develop direct-to-consumer marketing plans and find efficient production sources.

Perhaps what we may realize is that Burch’s crowning achievement is one of his recent projects that involves an exotic resort called Nihi Sumba Island in Indonesia. Nihi Sumba Island is located 250 miles southest of Bali. Chris Burch together with his close friend and hotelier James McBride created a luxury resort made up of 27 villas. According to his LinkedIn profile, the resort was ranked as the number one hotel in the world in 2016 and again in 2017 by readers of Travel + Leisure magazine. The villas are said complement the island’s landscape of palm trees, shrubbery and hill top views. All this gives the visitors a great experience at the resort. The villas are said to be constructed using teak wood and natural stone. The construction style came from the idea of finding elegance in a place where most would not expect to find it while leaving any and all natural surroundings undisturbed.’ [this has an end quotation.  Is it sourced from somewhere?]

On the island, the villas are stated to be one bedroom villas, duplexes, or estates. Each one of the villas has a private plunge pool. It is further stated that during the off-peak seasons the smaller villas can go for $750 a night while the larger five-bedroom accommodation can go for up to $14.000 per night.

Chris Burch also partnered up with Alan Faena, a famous hotelier, to help bring the Faena Hotel and Universe alive in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Not forgetting Chris Burch’s philanthropic side, Burch enjoys giving back to the community. He supports the Sumba Foundation which provides humanitarian aid and support to the Sumbanese people. The Foundation sources its funding from a portion of the resort’s profits. Burch also donates to various charitable activities and helps support medical training carried out by NYU Langone. Burch has also supported The Child Welfare League of China and his alma maters, The Tilton School and Ithaca College.

More about Chris Burch on Linkedin.

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  1. Chris Burch is just a great man with a high sense of business diversity. He has contributed immensely to the success of countless companies one of which is the cocoon9. A small business that excellently rose to the top in no time. Every day, I envy and learn from the life of Chris Burch. He is so much a source of inspiration.

  2. I really love this man, Chris Burch. I really don’t know much of his business life, but I am quite aware of his philanthropic lifestyle. He is indeed a great man, worthy of emulation.

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