Rubbish Clearance : How Revolutionary Start-up Clearabee is Making Waves in the Industry

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Reliable statistics estimate that 80% of businesses fail within the first two years while 96% will collapse in ten years. This means that for your business to succeed you as the owner needs to not only come up with a viable business idea but also struggle to survive and thrive in a competitive environment. Two revolutionary and innovative entrepreneurs who are proving that startups can still survive despite the changing market dynamics are Clearabee Founders Rob Linton and Daniel Long. Their company is now UK’s largest on demand and in-house van rubbish clearance provider. Clearabee not only completes thousands of rubbish clearances weekly for both residential and commercial clients but also collects anything from anywhere within UK.

Asked why his company was so successful, Daniel Long said that he wanted to provide a convenient and hassle-free way for London residents to get rid of rubbish from their homes and business residences. According to this experienced online marketer, he realized that most people decided to take care of rubbish themselves instead of waiting around for council organized services that consistently delayed and proved unreliable and inconvenient. Long and Linton decided to tap into the growing demand for convenience-focused entrepreneurships. These two brilliant minds put the skills they had acquired running an online marketing business into use to create a real world business. After an extensive market survey Long and Linton ascertained that a flexible rubbish removal service would be versatile enough to meet the needs of both domestic and commercial clients.


So what exactly does the Clearabee Rubbish Clearance Company offer customers?

This Birmingham –founded startup provides a simple and reliable way to get rid of rubbish. All the customer does is simply contact the company and enquire about price estimation. At the client’s request a traced truck is sent to the customer’s residence to assess the job and also make a price conformation. This initial assessment and price conformation is done without any commitments; it is purely an initiative of the company. Once the assessment is complete, a price is agreed upon and then pickup times that are convenient for the client are also set. Since the aim is making rubbish removal convenient and easy for customers, the client decides on the pickup time.

By establishing a customer-centric business model Clearabee has transformed from a struggling start-up funded by personal debt to a rapidly growing and demand company that serves a large part of London with a next-day collection and offers same-day service in most major UK cities. From hiring a truck and driving it himself (Daniel Long), this company now has a total of 40 employees and is doing well financially. Its profit margins are great and over the next 1 year this rapidly expanding company hopes to both complete and consolidate its nationwide rollout. Clearabee also aims at substantially growing its corporate clientele base. Although it is not by any measure the most glamorous of start-ups, its steady and sustainable growth (in just two years it has amassed 30,000 loyal customers). Clearly this startup is more than just a load of rubbish.

The rapid growth after just two years in business can be attributed to the excellent level of service that this rubbish removal company consistently offers clients. This has helped create a great reputation which has kept more customers coming. The ability to not only attract but also retain customers has funded the expansion of this startup. As online marketers who are used to maintaining a level of excellence to avoid bad online reviews, maintaining a great reputation in the real world has not been an uphill task for Daniel Long and Rob Lint. Reliability and great reviews from residential customers has helped attract large corporate clients who have helped boost profits substantially.

The steady success of Clearabee can also be attributed to the state-of-art marketing technology that helps stay in constant communication with customers. This means that clients are able to issue complaints or communicate their needs and receive a prompt response. Additionally, this same technology makes it easy for operations to provide a complete audit trail so that instances of delays can be completely eliminated. According to the founders, clients remain loyal because this innovative startup gets rid of the frustrating hassle associated with rubbish removal. Essentially, customers love that they have an easy way to legally dispose rubbish and also ensure it is done in an environmentally friendly manner. It also doesn’t hurt that the technology has an integrated system that communicates through automatic receipting, immediate SMS arrival alerts and responding promptly to collection requests.

In its 3rd year of operation, this company has managed to considerably grow its already impressive customer list. It is achieving this growth through engaging with larger corporate clients who pay a great price on sixty to ninety day terms. With more cash flow and a steadily expanding profit margin, it has become necessary to pay detailed attention to credit control. Since the owners are not open to external investment offers despite the limited access to finance rates, they are comfortable enabling gradual and consistent growth through cash flow that is generated by the daily operations. According to Daniel Long, the aim of staying away from external investors is to retain the freedom to experiment their unique business model which has proved effective and lucrative so far. Long goes on to say that without external ties, this company is able to respond to threats promptly without worrying excessively about shareholders demands and loan covenants.

Most startups take a long time to gain nationwide recognition but this has not been an issue for this company because of mobile and cloud-based technology that made it easy to roll out a nationwide service. Additionally, this pacesetting rubbish removal company has also integrated job system and vehicle telematics technologies to help dispatch trucks appropriately. This technology has helped have an edge over competitors because the system identifies the most convenient waster transfer station by taking into account key variables such as recycling credentials, location and most importantly traffic. The objective is to achieve greater stability and cement their position in the current aggressively competitive market.

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