Consuming Tech at Digital Marketing Speed

Augmented reality, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, bots, visual data – martech innovations are constant. Keeping up can be difficult, expensive and time consuming. Marketing experts used to publish upcoming digital marketing trends annually but those annual reports now lag behind real world innovative development. By the time anyone pauses to look, technology has moved on to something more streamlined, smart or intuitive. Here‘s quick look at what you need to know right now.

Visual Value

An increase in sophisticated visual icons and imagery has created visually fluent consumers. With emojis, data visualizations and other icons, consumers are not only attracted to visuals but are also capable of interpreting subtle and nuanced information through symbols alone. The brain processes visual information much faster than it does textual information and visual information is more likely to be retained. As a result, digital marketers are spending their time and money on improving visual delivery in the form of logos, infographics and animations.

Interactive Audiences

Audience attention spans are diminishing. Marketers can’t afford to miss any opportunity that offers the chance to extend an attention span or keep a customer on a landing page, app or ad. The quickest way to maintain user engagement is to provide them with avenues of interaction. From polls, to swiping right, to quizzes, calculators and interactive infographics, providing customers the opportunity to zoom in, touch their screens, or navigate images and infographics on their own terms allows users to control their experience and stay engaged.

Email Isn’t Dead

Email isn’t moving forward at break-neck speed. Interfaces and navigational strategies are pretty much standardized across platforms. But speeding up email content and open rates are still an area in need of improvement. Currently Vimeo is the preferred email video content provider, over YouTube. Research studies have shown Vimeo receiving a 12.5 percent click-through rate while YouTube clips average 5.6 percent. As most users know, Vimeo tends to load faster and is more reliable than YouTube. Anecdotal evidence seems to indicate that users choose Vimeo because it wastes less time.

Marketers have no time to waste, either. The study addresses marketers needs, finding that Wednesdays are the busiest days for email campaigns and Thursdays have the highest email open rates.

This is what’s happening in digital marketing right now. Prepare to adapt as needed.

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