Content Marketing for Brand Awareness

Using content marketing to build brand awareness is not the same as using content to generate sales and leads. Although using content marketing for brand awareness can and usually does end up leading to leads and sales, the main purpose of this form of online marketing is to establish yourself as an authority in your particular field or industry.

Online marketing is getting more and more competitive and one way to stand out is by offering visitors fresh and relevant content on a regular basis. Not only will updated content make your customers happy but will also satisfy the search engine giants who are now lowering business websites down the search engine ladder for not providing enough current information on a regular basis.

How does one go about creating content that builds brand awareness though?

Attractive and Brandable Content

First off, the process is not difficult and can be summed up in one short phrase: Offer value to your customers first.
Basically, provide them with information that they want and need. Later on you can sell them on your products or services but first, let them know you are there for them and that you are an expert in your field.

These days, online users are not so tempted to reach for their credit card and buy the first product or service that comes their way. With the advent of social media, the internet has become a place to build relationships and as a business brand that is what you want to do first with your content – build a relationship.

The leads and sales will automatically come after a strong bond has been formed. What is more, using content in this way, your customers are more likely to stay loyal customers well into the future as they know they will always get the truth from you.

Three Particulars of Content Marketing for Brand Awareness

While the above was just a brief summation of why and how you want to structure your content in order to build awareness of your brand, the following 3 items will give you more specific details of how to go about doing so.

Step 1: Your Audience

If you do not know who your current or potential customers are, then how will you know what they want and need? How can you give them relevant content without first getting to know them?

One easy method for doing so is by establishing your client-base demographics. Who buys or would like to buy your products/services? Those over the age of 35 or younger? Married or single? From a particular part of the U.S. or all over the world? I think you get the point here.

If you are an already established company, you probably already know who is buying your products or service and that will help you get an idea of what they like to read, listen, and watch. Simply, tailor your content to that.

If, however, you are just starting out first define who would like to buy from you and then once that is established, offer them relevant content.

Content to Brand Reflection

There is nothing that says you can not offer your readers and viewers some hints as to why you are the go-to business when it comes to your particular industry.

Your relevant content tailored to your target audience will already help you stand miles apart from your competition, but every now and then it would not hurt to mention any new news about your brand like awards received, new products/services that are being offered, and special sales that are coming up or have already arrived.

Promotion and Optimization

Writing or making a video is not enough if you have no way to get it to your audience. This is particularly important if you do not already have a solid clientele and customer base from who frequents your website or blog.
The first suggestion would be to optimize your content to achieve organic (free) traffic. If you do not know how to do so already, then you may hire a Digital Marketing Manager or SEO Specialist to do it for you.

Of course, this takes an advertising budget and if you do not have one then you can search online for current Digital Marketing Methods and see if you can learn a thing or two about free traffic.

The other way is to promote your content with paid advertising. A good idea is to promote such content that is already getting some good organic traffic as then you will know that it most likely is something that
Your visitors are finding value in.

Again, you can hire someone but remember it would cost more this time around as extra money will have to be spent on the paid advertising along with the person or agency’s expertise in this field.

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