Content Marketing for Consumers: Are Feelings More Important than Facts?

Marketers who straddle the business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) worlds say that consumers buy based on emotion while companies look at the facts and statistics first. It is true that content marketing must be tailored to the intended recipient. If you want to grab the attention of consumers, psychology comes into play. Feelings do drive contacts and purchases, but does that mean you should leave all the facts to B2B companies?

Connection, Curiosity, and Choices

At the pinnacle of any content marketing effort is a connection. The words marketers use must forge a bond if they want the consumer to trust them, remember their brand, and, ultimately, spend their money. One way to do this is by making people curious. If someone doesn’t know what can help solve their problem or make their life better, and your article or social media post promises exactly that, they will latch on and take notice.

A problem arises if the solution they want is multi-faceted, however. Too many choices and the consumer is back to square one: a state of confusion. The connection you tried to forge broke and their trust that you have the answers they seek wavers.

The Entertainment vs. Education Divide

Too many choices presented in a content marketing campaign makes it look like you know little more than they do about whatever industry or niche you represent. For example, if they want to waterproof their basement and you offer ten ways that might work, they are no better off than if they did a basic Google search. Picking one best way provides education that spurs action.

But what about that oft-repeated adage that B2C customers buy based on emotion and not education? In a recent study, people were 131% more likely to buy after viewing informational content. Tailoring content marketing to inform boosts your business to authority status.

Where does this leave your content marketing efforts? In the ongoing campaign to connect with consumers, build brand recognition and trust, and increase your profits overall, connections forged by curiosity, bolstered by emotion, and solidified by the proof that you know what you are talking about win out in the end.

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