Content Marketing Trends In 2018

Businesses strive to stay ahead of the competition through innovations and introducing new ways to reach and satisfy customers. Marketers utilize new technology and brands to understand the consumers better. Here are content marketing strategies that marketers will employ in their business in 2018.

Virtual Reality Investment

Sports and entertainment industries have already taken a huge step in utilization Virtual reality(VR) technology to reach to their consumers. In 2018, more businesses will incorporate VR into their yearly marketing strategies. Companies including Tech and media have set the bar with technological innovations in virtual reality. Additionally, Sony, Apple, and Facebook companies have invested heavily in both virtual and augmented reality. In 2018, marketers will have more avenues to optimize their businesses contents.

Produce Content Via Artificial Intelligence

Companies will produce content with help of the artificial intelligence(AI). The predictive and personalized is possible through artificial intelligence. Business will use photo content and identity to create engaging content. Marketers will analyze contents using AI and find relevant influencers. AI will monitor and predict the influencer marketing campaigns in 2018.

Rise of Native Advertisements

Native advertising will be a key contenting marketing strategy in the upcoming year. With the increased creation a higher quality content, consumers will find it less irritating and embrace ads. Facebook is enforcing stricter advertising policies. Similarly, consumers will ignore poorly created ads. Marketers with intelligently curated ads and higher quality content will have high conversion rates.

Increase in Live Videos

Content marketing has observed a tremendous rise in live streaming in 2017 and 2016. According to Social Bakers a social-media analytics company, a video post has 135 percent views than a photo. Also, viewers spend eight times longer on the live stream. Live streaming will be a main online content marketing strategy in 2018. Live streaming offers a unique content marketing strategy in that consumers can inquire about a problem from marketers and receive a solution in real time. Live videos provide a sense of attachment and authentic engagement.

Influencer Marketing and Recommendations

It is more appealing for you to purchase a product which was recommended by friends or relatives. Online influencers help bridge the gap between brands and consumers. Through social media posts and reviews, followers of a product can obtain information online and judge from positive reviews and posts whether a product is trustworthy. The engagements create enticing stories.

In 2018 content marketing will experience use high-quality native ads, recommendations, and influencer marketing, use of artificial intelligence in the curation of content, increase live streams and virtual reality.

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