Content Ranks High with Media Marketing

Webmasters build websites for a variety of reasons such as self-promotion, entertainment, and e-commerce. Content may be original or gathered from other sources and displayed as a compilation. Regardless of the type or reason, sites must show up in related searches and attract visitors. The battle for high rankings in search engines is competitive, so those building and marketing websites must understand the elements involved. These include keywords, metadata, and knowing the difference between paid and organic traffic.

Both paid and organic traffic rely on keywords that trigger the site’s link to display when someone performs a search. As explained in West’s blog post, paid traffic involves bidding on keywords for top rankings in search engines. The first step is researching what keywords people in the target market use. Tools such as Google Keyword Planner and Ahrefs are among the most useful. Paid traffic also involves purchasing advertising such as banner ads, social media ads, and influencer promotions. Organic traffic relies heavily on keywords, too, especially those designed into the content. Keywords should appear not only in the text but also in the alternate text tags on images, product descriptions, text links, and reviews. However, driving organic traffic to a website can be quite a creative endeavor. One standard method is posting viral social media content. Social media users welcome inspirational quotes, funny videos, and surveys. The challenge is designing these viral posts to convert to visits using effective call-to-action messages and branding.

The internet offers a barrage of content clamoring for attention. Marketers may be tempted to try gimmicky methods to attract traffic. Unfortunately, this is usually a costly mistake. As discussed in Forbes’ article, it is wise to implement tried-and-true methods. Drawing the right traffic, especially to an e-commerce site, is essential as these visitors convert to customers. Google Analytics offers a tool to analyze traffic’s origin. This analysis helps craft advertising campaigns that make a favorable return-on-investment. Search engines look for relevant results to offer when someone enters keywords. It is essential that a website has quality content as this gives the website authority and builds trust.

Offering authoritative, useful content and understanding the target market are crucial for attracting traffic. The more thought and purpose exerted in creating content and marketing materials, the better quality traffic they will generate.

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