Create a Multi-Channel Content Marketing Plan for Increased Audience Engagement

With the proliferation of mobile device usage and social media popularity, multi-channel content marketing is more important than ever. In years gone by, a targeted audience had fewer options when it came to finding your company online and ultimately deciding to contact you or make a purchase. Utilizing today’s many options for content discovery captures more interested eyes and produces more leads than a single-pronged approach.

What is Multi-Channel Content Marketing?

When some new marketers think about content, web page copy or blog posts come to mind first. The website or blog is just one channel through which the targeted consumer base can receive information or offers.

With multi-channel marketing, content extends to include not only that on the company website but also social media posts, shared videos, podcasts, webinars, infographics, and more. These types of content are displayed on multiple different channels online and all flow toward your sales funnel.

How to Recycle Content to Capture More of a Targeted Audience

Although you should avoid repeating information on your blog or social media pages too frequently, repurposing content makes sense when focusing on different platforms. In a recent Entrepreneur article, the idea that different members of your target audience could internalize information differently was introduced. One person remembers tweets forever while another prefers length infographics with bright colors.

Do not plagiarize yourself. Instead, take the research used to create a killer blog post and mold it into a series of Facebook posts or tweets scheduled for consecutive days. Or engage the skills of a graphic designer to build an infographic using the same points that can be shared across the web. The same ideas and data that form properly optimized website copy can help create an attention-grabbing YouTube video as well.

The secret is knowing your audience and targeting each content type to the channel it’s being posted on. An emotion-fueled tweet attracts a different demographic than a statistic-laden chart graphic. Smart marketers should develop a plan that makes diverse offers using different types of content in multiple channels to attract precisely who is most likely to help your business succeed.


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