How To Create Content Assets That Attract Back-links Like Crazy

Earning backlinks from major publishers is challenging; websites want their readers to continue reading their article, not go off to another website. Publishers will link to content that they feel is so valuable and integral to their story that not linking to it would shortchange their readers. So, how do you create content assets that draw backlinks like crazy? Develop a content asset that a publisher does not have the time or skills to replicate.

You could take a poll using a crowdtasking website to reach web surfers about their preferences. Websites will link to your results; polls always draw backlinks to support the numbers. You can conduct a poll about almost anything, however, if you make it related to your existing content, you will attract backlinks from relevant sites. For example, if you sell clothing, you can poll men to see which style of jeans that they prefer to see on women. Send your poll to popular fashion bloggers; at least a few will link to your poll while building a story around the results.

Create an interactive tool that calculates a result for the user. This is a bit more complicated; you can always have someone on fiver create a tool for you. If you have an insurance website, you can provide a tool that calculates a person’s percentage of getting into a car accident based on their age and zip code.

Infographics are proven link bait. Publish your high quality infographic on social media and watch the shares (with your link) accumulate. Your infographic should provide surprising information about your industry and be visually appealing. While there are free services online that allow you to create an infographic, for a truly unique content asset, do it yourself or hire a freelancer.

While these content assets may require an initial outlay, you can make your content evergreen and use it as link bait for a long time.

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