Dealing with Millennials in Marketing

When dealing with millennials especially in advertising, businesses should be aware that these are young people who have been brought up in a media saturated world that is also digital. This means that they are good at communication and they keep up with the progressive nature of things. Today is unlike the past where it involved bombarding young people with adverts so that they can buy your products. Businesses are using different methods of reaching the young people. The surprising thing is that there are still some businesses that are still behind when it comes to online marketing and interactions. What businesses should know is that traditional marketing tactics will not work in this era. We can all agree that advertising has changed. If you can remember, people used dubious methods in the past such as cold calling, spam email, and cheesy infomercials. This has changed to social media and websites thanks to the introduction of search engines such as Bing and Google. Nowadays, people are addicted to computers at work places, laptops and most importantly mobile phones. The change in these areas has resulted in a change in the rules of the game. Not only is information available online but means of processing it. Digital marketing has been made easier by technologies such as Big Data and Analytics.

Dealing with millennials is quite complicated. However, what businesses should know is that these are young people who are only interested in three areas. First, they are interested in meaningful interactions, community engagement, and most importantly genuine passion. What businesses don’t understand is that bombarding millennials with ads on an online platform that these people see as personal space, the ad receives a poor reception. To understand this, it’ similar to knocking on a millennials’ door convincing them to buy a commodity. This cannot work at this age. To fully engage a millennial with your brand, there are some tactics that you can apply. For instance, ensure that you engage in a two-way communication. This is crucial as one-way communication do not work. Instead, create channels that allow them to respond. This way, you will be able to address complaints. If you are to conquer the millennials, be authentic. You are dealing with people who are experts in escaping marketing. They will snub the chance to market to them at first instance. At the end of the day, remember to give back and also collaborate.

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