The Digital Marketing Job Hotpots of 2018

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The latest digital marketing sector job report by Hayes which is a recruiting company concludes that there are quite some hotspots for skillsets that are projected to be on high demand for the first two quarters of the 2018 financial year. The research made its conclusions based on internal data is updated after every six months to indicate the changing conditions in the market economy.

One of the spokespersons at Hay noted that the hiring of new workers would remain buoyant in the digital marketing conditions in the first two quarters of the 2018 fiscal year and marketing professional in particular. He noted that digital marketing professional had the capacity and ability to deliver desirable outcomes despite the current pressures on accountability, requirements on consumer centricity and the changing landscape caused by advancements in technology. The spokesperson added that the specialized roles in digital marketing such as social media managers, digital content producers and digital analytics and insight together with hybrid roles would be created and pumped into the economy.

As digital technology is integrated more into the functions of marketing, the latter will progress in the 2018 year ahead of us. Hays notes that it projects an increase in the demand more digital marketing professional regarding individual skillsets. This skills will include knowledge in the operation of the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software and email marketing campaigns which will be critical in the targeting of potential consumers.

The reports also note that a need for candidates with both digital and E-commerce skills in one package is projected in 2018 and beyond. The spokesman said that the demand for people with a diverse skillset started to inflate from the third quarter of 2017and as of today, there are no signs that the demand is going to decrease anytime soon. The 21st-century employer seeks to hire people with all-round digital marketing skills and who comprehend the role of digital performance in any business and how it works. Employers also prefer people with a financial understanding of very high levels which is critical in facilitating high sales from the digital platform.

The survey alludes that there is a high demand for marketing professionals with solid skills in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) which continues to increase. These changes have been triggered by the need by business enterprises and big corporations to profile their products and services more proactively and reach a wider consumer base.

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