Digital Marketing Set to Embrace Big Data and Machine Learning in 2018

2017 was the first year on record that the majority of website visits were made on mobile devices. Following on the heels of that trend, mobile-first website design and mobile marketing seem set to really take off through 2018. Mobile advertising, mobile site development, and mobile apps were all said to be extremely important areas of marketing investment for the leader marketers from around the country.

Mobile marketing tied for fourth place with marketing automation in a recent poll of the nation’s leading marketers for the most important marketing activity in 2018. Content marketing, unsurprisingly, took top honors. The fact that Big Data and machine learning tied for second place raised a few eyebrows, though.

Big Data provides market insights, customer insights, and predictive analytics that can enable companies to tap new marketers and fresh opportunities. Big Data can even allow companies to assess and market to their customers’ needs before customers are even aware that they have a problem that needs remediating.

Big Data and machine learning were rated so highly among marketers partly because both of these advanced dovetail wonderfully with the increasingly popular trend of customer lifecycle marketing. Customer lifecycle marketing seeks to streamline a customer’s journey from finding out about a company to make a purchase. For that reason, having an omni-channel web presence is essential for conveying brand cohesion and facilitating a positive customer experience.

Because customer lifecycle marketing is all about catering to customers’ current lifestyles and preferences, live video will also rise throughout 2018. People like seeing videos over text, and people are increasingly likely to watch videos on their mobile devices. Live video can also be linked up with a company’s social media presence in a way that makes the company seem more personable overall.

Even with the rise of AI and live video, content marketing is something that’s not going away anytime soon. About three-fourths of consumers say that they would rather learn about a company through an article or blog post than an online advertisement. Content marketing can cater to that preference and remains of the most open-ended forms of marketing ever created in that you can reach customers through any of the following: social media, search engines, your blog, infographics, or email marketing campaign messages.

One last thing: Voice searches through Google will continue to rise throughout 2018, so make sure your SEO campaign is organized around that fact.

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