Digital Marketing Trends for 2018

According to Michael Tasner, who is the CEO of No Joke Marketing, digital marketers in the coming year should pay close attention to the following 6 trends:


Given the ubiquity of mobile devices, developing a mobile strategy should be a priority for marketers this year, for engaging both customers and prospective customers. This means not only setting up a mobile website, but also regularly using texting as a tool to communicate with your audience.

The Media Is the Message

Every marketer this year should strive to create a media platform, which is focused on providing quality content that is of practical use for their customers. Whether it’s a blog, a vlog or even a podcast, it is important for marketers to put out valuable information on a weekly basis. Often companies that put out the best content end up being the most successful.

The Value of Chatbots

Marketers can use chatbots for all sorts of useful purposes, including for providing customer service, for engaging customers, and even for closing sales and answering general questions. As your customer or prospect will need to initiate the chat, it is imperative that you come up with some topic of discussion that is either engaging or fun. Engagement rates with such tools are far superior to email and other noninteractive forms of communication.

The Power of Reviews

Coming up with a plan for getting good reviews for your company is another imperative for marketers this year. Studies show that half of people under 50 years old check online reviews of businesses prior to making purchases. Always remember that you should never incentivize reviews, but instead you should encourage them.

Video Says It Better

Research shows that consumers much prefer watching video over reading text. Therefore it is important for marketers to get out their company’s message and story through video. This should be done on your company’s sales page or landing page for best results, and you should plan on creating around 4 useful videos every month.

Delivering Value

Above all else, marketers should stop worrying about calls to actions and instead focus on delivering value to their customers. Get out your company’s story and shine the brightest light you can upon it. To read more, visit


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