Digital Marketing Trends

Advertising is essential to the success of any business. Few business leaders spend enough time thinking about a digital marketing strategy. As more web traffic comes from mobile devices, it is critical to think about maximizing digital reach within a business.

There are multiple ways for a company to improve in this area. By focusing on hiring the right team, a company will have a much higher chance of success. In a recent poll, a majority of business leaders said it was a struggle to hire qualified people in this field.

Hire Skills, Not Experience

Marketing is one of the few industries where experience may hurt a candidate’s chances of getting a job. Several decades ago, the marketing industry was completely different than it is today. Social media did not exist, and the best way to advertise products was through a newspaper.

The world has completely changed since 2000. Social media is now the best way for companies to interact with clients. Young professionals who understand social media have a significant advantage over other job candidates who do not.

Companies hiring workers should look for examples of a candidate’s work. A strong marketing candidate should have an electronic curriculum of their past performance.

Big Data

Another major trend in the digital marketing industry is using big data to influence customers. Companies have access to more data than ever before. In the past, advertising was like a large net. It was used in hopes that some customers would purchase a product or service based on the advertisement.

Using customer-specific data points is the best way to increase sales. Companies can now target groups of customers based on various demographic information or past purchasing patterns. Employees who understand how to leverage data will be in a much better position moving forward.

Other Trends

The digital marketing industry is always changing. Employees must be willing to invest in their skills and abilities to thrive in this profession. In the coming years, many experts expect the cost of marketing to decrease as technology makes it more efficient.

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