Digital Marketing Trends To Look Out For This Holiday Season

Online retailers are now gearing up for the upcoming holiday season. It is estimated that online stores will see about a 15% increase in sales during the holiday shopping rush. Here are some of the top marketing strategies now being used in e-commerce. If you are an online retailer yourself, then it might be a good idea to utilize some of these digital marketing techniques to increase holiday sales.

Mobile shopping is a big player in e-commerce. More and more people are looking for and buying products on their smartphones. PayPal and Amazon Pay are now making it easier than ever before to buy and schedule shipments of items through the mobile phone. Shopping apps are also gaining in popularity. More than half of all smartphone users say they have used a shopping app to make a purchase. People are also increasingly reading their email on their smartphone.

So, what is the takeaway for retailers? Make your website mobile friendly and consider making a mobile phone app. One study reports that mobile phone commerce will increase by over 57% in 2017 alone. This is a customer segment that you don’t want to miss out on.

Programmatic marketing is another trend in the digital marketing world. It is when ads are highly targeted towards a specific audience. Major companies and online retailers tailor their ads based on location and prior browsing history. Studies also show that customers are more satisfied with a company when they are shown ads that are relevant to them. Targeted ads are also more effective at conversion. The takeaway here is that targeted marketing should be incorporated in e-commerce to boost sales.

Social media marketing is a relatively new phenomenon that has appeared. Expect companies to place ads for products on social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This is where customers spent a lot of time on, so it makes sense to advertise on these mediums. Happy customers will also share products and brands on their own on social media. These makes it that much easier to market and spread the word about products and services.

Video marketing is another digital marketing trend to expect for 2017’s holiday season. It is considered to be a highly effective marketing tactic with a high return on investment. Expect to see plenty of promotional videos this year. Many will be geared towards a younger audience who loves watching videos.

Blockchains and currencies are also a trend in online commerce now. Blockchains present the potential for retailers to store and analyze data that can be used for marketing. Cryptocurrencies can change the way people pay for items and thus how retailers price items. Expect some serious developments in digital marketing for these two fields in the future.

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