Digital Marketing Trends to Look For Throughout 2018

With changes in Google’s SEO algorithms and changes in the ways in which customers interact with their mobile devices and social media, marketers are going to have to remain on their toes throughout 2018.

Consider the Customer Experience

The year ahead is bound to see much more live video usage and an emphasis on mobile-first designers that make researching and shopping online a much more seamless customer experience. Speaking of customer experience, customer experience marketing will also be emphasized across all marketing channels in the year ahead. That means that everything from email marketing messages to social media marketing will factor in the customer’s current stage in the buyer’s journey much more heavily.

Emphasize Live Video in Your Marketing

Live video marketing is so useful because it lets customers get an inside peek at what makes your company gel. In-store holiday displays, trade shows, or simply a meet-our-staff live video is a great way to bring customers in to the fold and show them what’s new with your company. Live video can also be used to advertise for promotions around the holidays. In your like most companies, then four-fifths of your users would rather take in a live video than slog through a blog post. Live videos posted to social media do especially well in that they’re shared by customers more often, commented on more frequently, and viewed more times.

Mobile is on the Rise

In addition to adopting a mobile-first design strategy, more companies are considering putting a greater share of their marketing budget towards capitalizing on the rising trend of mobile media consumption. Mobile media consumption among your customers will grow by 25% of more in the year ahead, which represents a big opportunity for companies who respond to those changes in the early part of 2018.

Voice Searches Will Get More Popular

With the rise of more mobile users, voice search will also become an increasingly popular way for customers to discover more information about the products that they’re interested in and the companies whose values most closely align with their own. Some marketing experts estimate that by 2020 about half of all searches will be voice searches. All of this underlines the importance of making your digital marketing a truly mobile experience for your users. The results are worth it.

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