Digital Marketing Is A Whole New Ball Game

As newer generations are born, their average attention span decreases. Largely to blame is the advent of technology. While radio, television, and computers all have loads of benefits, a majority of which outweigh the detriments, today’s technology plays a significant role in shortening attention spans.

Snapchat’s messages can only be 10 seconds long, at maximum. Many people check their phone 100 times per day, looking for new notifications – proven to act on reward centers in the human brain – to tickle their fancies.

Digital media is often thought to be a way of life for most people. As smartphones never seem to leave some people’s hands, especially younger generations, digital marketing has molded to meet consumers’ demands.

Time Is More Valuable Than Ever Before

Many people watch television and use their computers or smartphones at the same time. Some even consume media with three screens at once. Time is more valuable than ever before.

The average attention span of consumers is eight seconds long, according to experts.

Advertisers must pronounce their brand name, products being advertised, and other pertinent information in seconds of initiating advertisement viewership. If ads and promos are boring, it goes without saying that consumers won’t – well – consume them.

Placing Ads Appropriately Is Vitally Important

Businesses that don’t place ads in the eyes and ears of viewers effectively waste their time and effort. Forrester, a digital research agency, suggests more than half of digital advertisements aren’t consumed by humans, rather robots that don’t pay attention to them.

This amounts to a whopping $7.4 billion thrown in the proverbial gutter on ads that weren’t placed well.

It’s important to target ads in a way that consumers actually watch them. Make sure to announce your purpose as soon as possible, or else consumers are likely to lose interest.

Cross-Channel Marketing Is Difficult To Get Right

People often use multiple platforms to buy products and consume media. Similarly, businesses typically spread their advertisements across several sources of media.

Businesses should never compete with themselves on multiple channels. Rather, proper cross-channel marketing techniques result in consumers being exposed to advertisements and promotions that aren’t consistent across various sites and applications.

Consider advertising to different markets when relying on multiple platforms. It doesn’t make sense to effectively cannibalize your advertising endeavors, as many businesses without a sense of cross-channel appropriateness tend to do


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